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  1. This will be an interesting gig. A lot of people’s thought process is that Coldplay were meant to announce an album this year but didn’t because of the pandemic. I wonder if this will be the start of it all, similar to how they played ‘Amazing Day’ at the Global Citizen Festival in New York back in 2015.
  2. This is a known issue, I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it but I will keep trying! Can you link me to what articles are not loading for you. Everything seems to be working for me EDIT: Never mind I just fixed it lol, it was a bug with AJAX pagination for anyone interested 😛
  3. Because of Apples policy it's very difficult and expensive for us to have a Coldplaying app. However, at some point there may be an 'Invision Community' app in which you can access any community based on that system. I have no date on that though. In terms of a chat feature, that can be added but previously it never got much use. I can bring back 'clubs' where users can create private/public clubs eg. Oldplayers, Parachutes fans etc. However this may divide the community even more. There's a lot to think about here.
  5. Dark mode requires a bunch of changes, it will be coming soon hopefully.
  6. Anyone else not like the colorful border around the profile pics? I can change it back if enough people agree. Thanks for the feedback 🙂
  7. Not sure if that is even possible since the systems are vastly different. I will take a look though
  8. Wait...are you guys gonna treat us to cat pics right now
  9. I wonder did the people in 2008 ever think we'd be talking about social distancing in 2020 lmao
  10. Good to hear! Let me know if you come across any issues or have any suggestions!
  11. Site updated to suit the new 'era'. Let me know what you guys thing!
  12. I thought these were fake since White Shadows sounded like someone just isolated the studio vocals and played a really bad bass line behind it. However, Square One actually sounds real. I'm still not convinced though...
  13. Ah yes, someone accused me of running the website and I denied it saying that I was the whitest guy to walk the earth, playing on the stereotype that Irish people are very pale, which I am!
  14. I’d love any and all video content you have, especially 2000-2001. I never mentioned anything about you being from a different country or your skin colour! Also, people just want to know why you list a ton of unreleased tracks on your site but then say you are not trading them. Is it just to brag?
  15. This dude seems to upscale his content to 1440x1080, a pretty outdated resolution that was only ever used when trying to squeeze as much bandwidth out of digital TV. Don’t let these large resolutions fool you, they probably just exported the original content at a higher resolution, a big no in bootleg trading!
  16. This is the highest quality version I could find:
  17. Interesting find! I heard "Deserter" a few months ago asking if I would buy it but obviously didn't. I didn't know it was called Deserter though. The guy selling just called it "Untitled Coldplay Track"
  18. To-do list: Old Smileys (at the top of my list!) Sign in with Apple Gallery (needs a massive overhaul to work properly again, it had so many logistical issues before) Uploading a ton more downloads (old threads are slowly but surely being uploaded but it takes FOREVER) New theme to bring us out of the EL era, it'll be way easier to navigate hopefully Cleanup of the forum, there are so many sub-forums that make it super confusing Various UI improvements
  19. Yeah I haven't seen anything like this on sharemania yet. I believe I have the video feed but just in case, send it on if you don't mind 🙂 Thank you!
  20. Ah I understand now, I wonder if this was created from IEM's or somehow ripped from the television feed. Did the person give you any info on how they got the file? And if you could share it or perhaps DM it to me and I'll upload it to the downloads section that'd be great!
  21. Which show? Can you not share the full original file?
  22. Hey everyone, I wanted to ask you guys what features you would most like to see on Coldplaying? Any old features you would love to see make a comeback? A mobile app? Obviously I have other commitments and Coldplaying is unfortunately far down this list but I will try and bring back some of the more popular requested features Please let me know!
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