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  1. I'd like to remind everyone that while discussion of leaks is allowed, you are not allowed share the links publicly.
  2. I agree, the previous theme was my favourite. I think I will revert to it, offer users to switch between the ligher theme and the current 'Higher Power' theme. The other themes shouldn't even be there. They are beyond defunct at this point.
  3. I mostly agree. It's only a 15 second snippet, this song could be epic and we won't have any idea until Friday comes. Max Martin is likely the producer of this single and if an album follows then he likely has no involvement. They could easily treat us with some epic tracks, let's not jump to conclusions yet!
  4. Overall though, what is everyone's favourite theme? Without paying attention the the current bugs, do people prefer the new theme over the older one. I can easily make both available but which one should be the default theme?
  5. Yes, working on it now! This theme took forever to make and I was so tired to finish it lmao
  6. Congrats @Ex&Why @hamblingreen and @clark595 for winning a copy of the Higher Power CD single! Check your DM's folks
  7. Coldplay’s brand new single, Higher Power, has today been confirmed for release on Friday, May 7 via Parlophone / Atlantic. Said Coldplay on Twitter: β€œHigher Power is a song that arrived on a little keyboard and a bathroom sink at the start of 2020. It was produced by Max Martin who is a true wonder of the universe. It’s out on Friday 7 May. Love c, g, w & j” The announcement confirms fan rumors that have circulated since last week, when cryptic billboards around the world pointed to a mysterious website called alienradio.fm. Fans managed to deciph
  8. I think we can narrow it down to being the name of the language. Maybe the Aliens are from Kaotica and the language is Kaotican?
  9. I just realised we'll be getting new group photos of the band together
  10. I noticed! Anyone else miss the Oracle? I used to read the replies all the time
  11. Glad to have you back! It's definitely the most exciting release period for an album in years
  12. I can confirm they know about it, whether it will be taken down is the next question...
  13. I looked into this and the javascript code looks to just be a random generator so that the dots change randomly. Don't quote me on that though because I am by no means an expert! I changed my system time to the 21st April and used the wayback machine to see the website on that same date and there was still 4 dots filled.
  14. It will be interesting to see whether it'll all be new material. There's a few things that point to it being some old songs redone but I guess that happens every album. Arabesque was an old song right? A L I E N S was from the Viva era.
  15. Let me debunk this. The Legends leak had nothing to do with Alien Radio. Legends has been around for over a year now and was only widely leaked today. Ode to Deodorant was registered because it featured in the AHFOD documentary a few years back.
  16. I'm hoping that this is just the beginning of an extravagant release. I want my album dropped from space thanks
  17. This is what I can see today. I noticed last night that they kept changing...
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