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  1. To celebrate the release of their acclaimed new album, Everyday Life, Coldplay have announced a special, intimate show at the Hollywood Palladium on Monday, January 20. The MLK Day concert will support Reform LA Jails, which campaigns for prison reform and advocates alternatives to incarceration. The event will also feature performances by Compton hip hop artist Boogie and upcoming rapper Bobby Gonz. The guest speakers will be Patrisse Cullors, founder of Reform LA Jails and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Network, and actress America Ferrera, co-founder of Harn
  2. Coldplay have today released the video for Cry Cry Cry, from their critically-lauded new album Everyday Life. The video was filmed in London's Rivoli Ballroom and was directed by Dakota Johnson and Cory Bailey, with choreography by Celia Rowlson-Hall. You can watch it at https://youtu.be/lA9-TQE3lTM now.
  3. Coldplay have today premiered the video for “Champion Of The World,” from their critically-lauded new album Everyday Life. The video was filmed in Los Angeles by French director Cloé Bailly. You can watch it at https://youtu.be/kayI9QB1-IA now. Says Cloé: “The video is about this magic power that kids have to switch off from reality and jump into their own world.” The video comes hot on the heels of the video for “Cry Cry Cry,” which was directed by Dakota Johnson and Cory Bailey and is available to watch at https://youtu.be/lA9-TQE3lTM. The band
  4. Coldplay have today released a powerful video for “Trouble In Town,” taken from their acclaimed number one album, Everyday Life. Inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the video is set in a dystopian world populated by animals, including politician pigs, street-hustling foxes and an officious snow leopard cop. The video was directed by Aoife McCardle. You can watch it at youtu.be/aKlwJROuo-Q now. All proceeds from the song and the video will be split between two organisations: the Innocence Project, which works to overturn wrongful convictions in the US, and ACFS, a
  5. Also, a new server has been bought and is much more powerful than the current one. Hopefully it will be installed in the coming weeks, expect a bit of downtime when that happens.
  6. Yes, one or two more moderators at most and a writer would be handy to have. In terms of a podcast, it may happen in the future but many have tried it already and it has failed. I don't see how ours would be any different. Also we tried merchandise once before and we sold a few t-shirts but it would be very expensive to do again. We would have to hire a designer and make sure we do not infringe any copyright or trademarks. I'm pretty sure 'Coldplaying' would infringe on the Coldplay trademark anyway.
  7. How much are you selling them for? Also could you post pictures.
  8. So for anyone who didn't see, I got three tapes, originally from EMI, mastered in Abbey Road on Discogs. They were 'White Shadows' and 'Til Kingdom Come' Live at Glastonbury 2005 and Speed of Sound (Behind The Scenes). The Glastonbury performances won't be uploaded because they are available in better quality on YouTube but I will hopefully upload the Speed of Sound video soon because I have yet to see it on YouTube or anywhere else. It was probably available online back in 2005 but it is impossible to find these days. So I don't have much to do with social media these days, it is handled b
  9. Hey, thanks for the lovely message. To your simple question I am going to give a confusing answer hahah. So we are planning a server upgrade at the moment which is proving to be difficult. There are few websites like Coldplaying and we have very specific needs when it comes to servers that many hosting providers cannot offer. Also, these things come at a hefty price. I am waiting for the transition to a new server before I make any big changes on the site. That's why a lot of stuff like Multimedia and various issues have not been addressed in recent months. Once the transition period from t
  10. No....Yes....I Can't say....but yes. I've been sent a few over the years, some you have never heard of, demo's, completed songs etc.. But out of respect for the band, I will most certainly never release any :)
  11. Hello everyone! As we are going through a strange time in the world at the moment, I thought I could answer a few questions on here. Whatever you've ever wanted to know about me, the inner workings of Coldplaying or our team, I am here to answer. I am currently social distancing and have too much time on my hands so I would also like to ask you people a question: What would you like to see from Coldplaying? I am aware that the site has been neglected as of late - namely the speed issues - but I am focused on bettering the site as much as I can during this period of isolation. So what do
  12. These were obtained from snookermusic.io, now defunct. If you look at the archive you can find the original quality clips posted with a watermark. From what I am being told, the race has been sold which means it will possibly leak soon
  13. Sorry, that was my fault! All fixed now
  14. Now that they're here I can't imagine the site without them lol :dance:
  15. Ok, they're all uploaded! This one was always my personal favourite: :vuvuzela:
  16. :angel: heheh, slowly uploading all the old smilies now. @Captain Crieff will be very happy!
  17. - Coldplay - Music of The Spheres - Upcoming ninth studio album from Coldplay rumoured to be called 'Music of The Spheres' HIGHER POWER IS OUT!
  18. I had no problem with the atmosphere. There are many complaints that the audience was dead but that had no impact on my enjoyment, I just did not notice it. I don't think you can compare it to a stadium gig or something that many super fans would have attended. I was standing next to fans that had travelled from another country, two other fan page owners and a father and his very young son. All of us were not exactly dancing crazily but we were definitely excited. Everyone around me seemed to be filled with joy and you could definitely feel that in the room. I'm assuming there were a lot of re
  19. Chris announced a few LA shows today but before this we just assumed the Maira Vale gig, SNL and shows like that counted. From speaking to people there it sounded like they were finished. This may be a last minute decision to add more shows but I have no idea!
  20. There wasn’t many people at the aftershow, I think it was mainly friends and family!
  21. Hey everyone, I thought I would come on here and talk about my experience and explain a few things! I was lucky enough to receive an invite from Coldplay as a thank you for the support we have given them during the past few months. Promotion for this album from fan sites and fans, in general, was key during this era as it was of course, marketed differently to other albums. We arrived at the Museum with an hour or so until the doors opened. There were two entrances, the left one being for general admission ticket holders and the right being for VIP or guest list. There were many people w
  22. I will be there hopefully live-streaming some of it on coldplaying!
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