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  1. Which show? Can you not share the full original file?
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to ask you guys what features you would most like to see on Coldplaying? Any old features you would love to see make a comeback? A mobile app? Obviously I have other commitments and Coldplaying is unfortunately far down this list but I will try and bring back some of the more popular requested features Please let me know!
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I use Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp.
  4. The iHeartRadio Music Festival is turning 10 this year, and they're celebrating big with performances from music’s biggest artists including our very own Coldplay! The 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival will take place on September 18 and 19, and the two-day virtual mega-concert will feature performances from BTS, Coldplay, Kane Brown with special guest Khalid, Keith Urban, Migos, Miley Cyrus, Thomas Rhett, Usher, and more, and it’s all hosted by Ryan Seacrest. And, in true iHeartRadio Music Festival fashion, the virtual mega-concert will feature one-of-a-kind collaborations and
  5. View the full schedule by clicking here Press release taken from SiriusXM.com: Everything you want is a stream away with Coldplay‘s all-new channel launching exclusively on SiriusXM today, July 15 at 12pm ET. Coldplay Radio will showcase music from the band’s acclaimed catalog, including their career-defining hits, classic albums, live performances, collaborations, and musical influences. Each weeknight at 8pm ET, the channel will feature the Live in Technicolor series, which will present live concert experiences from the band’s 20-year career. The series kicks off
  6. The number one album has sold over 13 million copies worldwide! Today, July 10th, marks twenty years since Coldplay released their debut album, ‘Parachutes’. The multi-platinum number one album has since sold over 13 million copies worldwide. ‘Parachutes’ includes the band’s first major hit ‘Yellow’ - the song that launched the band on the international stage, as well as ‘Shiver’, ‘Trouble’ and ‘Don’t Panic.’ To mark the album's 20th anniversary, the videos for its four singles have been restored to HD quality. Click here to watch. In 2001, following
  7. Legends is a separate song. The seller that sold the race also had Legends and Heart on Fire. All AHFOD era songs (I believe). My theory is that the old GS version of the race was brought into the AHFOD recording sessions and that's why it leaked along with other AHFOD era tracks. This is 100% the GS version of The Race. It appeared on a working track list for Ghost Stories and lyrics appear on artwork from Mila Furstova. This track was originally meant for Ghost Stories, was then brought into the AHFOD sessions, reworked and then never released. The AHFOD version seems to be compl
  8. Just a few things to add: That account was fake although they were probably the ones who leaked the race. The moon thingy has been there since AHFOD. It's probably just apart of their aesthetic at this point. It's never lead to anything important
  9. As always, rules apply. Please refrain from posting leaked snippets of the track
  10. @NajJanetto on Twitter stated that tomorrow (July 4th) is a planet parade, a rare occurrence where all the planets in the solar system line up. This is the biggest since 1986 and won't happen again until 2161
  11. University of Limerick Students, Colin and his girlfriend Neisha have created a spectacular mural consisting of every Coldplay album! Colin Doyle and Neisha Keane Butler spent 52 hours over a three week period painting each Coldplay album cover onto a wall in Thurles, Tipperary, a county in south-central Ireland. I spoke to Colin about his inspirations and the process of painting the mural. "What brought us to do it I suppose is that we are all Coldplay fanatics at home. Dad (Vincent) suggested the idea and Mam loved it too!" Inspired by seeing the band live at Wemb
  12. Whoah, Finished For The Fans is the only theory that actually makes sense to me. Just corrected the thread name also!
  13. One of the memory modules in the server went faulty and caused the downloads section to become corrupt. What does this mean? Well the memory modules have been replaced and hard drives fixed but all data has been lost. Luckily everything is backed up but it will take some time to get everything uploaded again. For now, everything is still there to stream but not to download. It's an easy fix but just tedious as it takes a while to upload such large files. Should be back to normal soon!
  14. You can post them in the upload section and I will organise them properly so that they are available in the downloads tab at the top of the page. For it to qualify you have to know where it came from and what was done to the file, ie. if it was compressed.
  15. This has been annoying me for a while too. It has been fixed!
  16. DISCUSS STORY Chris Martin is collaborating with various artists to cover Foo Fighters iconic track "Times Like These" for BBC's Stay at Home Live Lounge! The Stay Home Live Lounge will be released at midday on Thursday 23 April and will see some of the music industry’s biggest stars collaborate on a cover of Foo Fighters’ Times Like These to raise money for charities, with the accompanying video to receive its world exclusive premiere during BBC One’s The Big Night In. The artists taking part are (in alphabetical order): 5 Seconds of Summer AJ Tracey Anne-Mari
  17. Hold your horses I was busy! It has been changed to unlimited.
  18. Great to see you back here! I can't even remember when I joined Coldplaying (my join date gets reset often due to all the database work I do) but I think I just passed 5 years! I may be a bit biased but I think it's a lovely place for all of us to come together and discuss nothing but Coldplay 😛 it has felt extra special lately with everything going on. Don't worry, Coldplaying will be here until the day I physically can no longer run it! Thank you for coming on here and contributing 🙂
  19. Search has been indexed and is faster than ever. There is many CPU Cores and RAM dedicated to just search alone!
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