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  1. What does one's musical taste reveal about one's mindset and thoughts?
  2. I'll describe how my taste for music evolved and attributes of my life that were related. It might serve as raw data. I got into music quite late at around my tenth grade. At that time, my ipod was filled with popular music like Linkin Park and Akon. I was music neutral until i came across the Diary of jane (Breaking Benjamin,Alternative). At this point, I was having a rough period with my Girlfriend and I felt i could relate to this song. Further exploring alternative I found that it was a good description of how my teenage days were (I was a socially awkward child). Then I got introduced to bands like slipknot and disturbed. I started favoring these songs after my break up. Some thing about the loudness in these songs made me feel powerful again. I didn't depart completely into death metal. I found those music to be unnervingly noisy, although Arch enemy was an exception, because the lyrics were comprehensible. I disliked pop with female artists, probably because most of the songs were only about love (Note the shallowness). But I could relate to bands with male vocals like Poets of the fall. I Also disliked punk rock because it felt to bright and cacophonous (even if the vocals were by male artists). Although I'm no introvert, I do appreciate harmony and avoid huge gatherings. As I grew older, I tried out jazz and Blues. I was in and out of crushes at this point and was undergoing my emotionally unstable phase. I was also into instrumental music and post progressive rock. I found this music as the best choice for ambient music. It also went well with "Highs".Also found grunge and psychadelic music to be nice. Then I discovered Indie. Although this genre is very broad, some aspects of it appealed. It had a bight melodious note with smooth vocals and got me in a jumpy mood. I found this especially nice during my work life when i had to overcome stress and still stay happy. So in my case, my tastes in music are influenced by changes in lifestyle.
  3. If we're talking really rough and wild, I imagine this song will take you into the animal zone in no time.https://youtu.be/FfHpRe0rRe0
  4. So many good ones, but if I had to pick a single track it would be "We are never ever getting back" from Taylor swift
  5. I like to use the shuffle function; I have a large eclectic library therefore I usually select a genre as well to avoid the possibility of audio train-wrecks. Stay Beautiful Stay Stay Stay Style Superman Sweeter Than Fiction Teardrops on My Guitar Tell Me Why The Best Day The Last Time The Lucky One The Moment I Knew The Outside The Story of Us The Way I Loved You This Love Tied Together With A Smile Tim McGraw Today Was a Fairytale Treacherous We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Welcome to New York White Horse Wildest Dreams Wonderland You Are In Love You Belong With Me You're Not Sorry
  6. Ericllee

    Your Playlists

    I could list plenty of songs on the top of my head right now, most of them from Taylor swift. Anyway, my favorite songs would be: You are in love You belong with me You're not sorry These songs are really good, which I think are suitable for almost all people.
  7. If it's a modern song of the moment, it is an accident. If it is something you've never ever heard before or others haven't mentioned it, THAT is a news story.
  8. I'm not sure of captivating, but this sure gives me goosebumps. I'd recommend listening to it with headphones that have a good bass line though. [video=youtube;WA4iX5D9Z64]
  9. One of the best singer and also my favourite is none other than Taylor swift. why? Here's the reason why is she different from other singers.Her ultimate songs which describes her own personality and her uniqueness.The quality of her voice is pure and natural as compared to many other singers.The best songs of all the time by Taylor swift are A place in this world All too well All you had to do was stay Back to December
  10. My favorite singer is Taylor swift because its only her songs to which I can listen whole day.
  11. There are many other songs which I like but this one in particular is a special song for me. The lyrics goes something like this : "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" I remember when we broke up the first time Saying, "This is it, I've had enough," 'cause like We hadn't seen each other in a month When you said you needed space. (What?) Then you come around again and say "Baby, I miss you and I swear I'm gonna change, trust me." Remember how that lasted for a day? I say, "I hate you," we break up, you call me, "I love you."
  12. Ericllee

    The song Game!

    Sweeter than fiction - Taylor swift
  13. I knew you were trouble - Taylor swift The song was superb..... I've had it in my head all night and I have no idea why.
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