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  1. Aw thanks you're so sweet! I think we all need them to start a new tour all over the world! I'm gonna try and see if I can find more fans from here, so I can help you with this awesome project!
  2. This is the best project I've seen, such a great idea!!! Love the Coldplay references on the map!! Thanks for doing this, its amazing. And by the way I can also see my pin there in Argentina! Although it's kinda alone
  3. Ojalá sea verdad, los necesitamos acá YA
  4. Otro de Argentina! Ya empezaba a sentirme sola! Jaja
  5. Love the idea and can't wait to see my pin in the map too!!
  6. Aw thats a really sweet one! Love the idea!!
  7. I would give Chris a wig and dance with him to The Nappies and I would love if it was filmed but I would not post it on YouTube Love the thread btw!
  8. Thank you!! I will and now with this app I'm sure I'll be updated about it!❤
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