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  1. there is no one else anymore. just tell it to me :)
  2. okay, I play my own game in here then, do not get disturbed of it. it is just much nicer around you, people, than alone in some corner. So Round your wrists in order to jump a frontside Ollie with your jumping rope, wohooeee
  3. no? alright, I may have understood wrong, and remember wrong, heavy head if too full
  4. do you get some money, if we focus only on Coldplay, so you need to be so strict about it? I am sure, they have money enough, much more than we poor fans do
  5. no thanks. why on Earth do you want to learn some lyrics by heart? Of course, it you like and it comes naturally. But I prefer living my own life and creating my own words and meanings for me and my life and the for me important things and persons
  6. there is one book about space that I read maybe 20 years ago, a bit similar to this Contact -movie (not a contact lence for eyes, he). It was very interesting, there was a lot of description of a yellow lava and such, hmm, just cannot remember the name now
  7. like I was searching for a friend, who died. that was life, that was mean, that was stupid, but that is how the things go sometimes. Too many dead friends I have, well they still can live in my mind, rest in peace there
  8. she was searching for her missing (or dead) dad there, but that is useless, because their systems were so lousy, that even there were live in any other galaxy, with those equipment! no no, my friends, you gotta focus a bit better! :D
  9. dead sofa Round your wrists in order to ______________ [: sorry, I think it is much more fun, when you create your own lyrics :]
  10. aa, here it`s not raining and no weird or any exceptional weather neither
  11. when the UV laser comes into your eye and you cannot see anymore, I think you can stop laughing
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