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  1. Selling three tickets for BC Place September 29th Section B3 row 55 Seats 9 through 11
  2. Selling three tickets to BC Place September 29th. Section B3 Row 55 Seats 9 through 11
  3. Three tickets by the way and I'm selling them face value at $250 Sent from my LG-H812 using Coldplaying mobile app
  4. Wow almost a year since AHFOD was released, I bought tickets to BC place in B3 row 55 seats 9 through 11. I'm selling these as I've gotten some better seats, is anyone interested ? Sent from my LG-H812 using Coldplaying mobile app
  5. I don't know about you guys, but as I was listening through each of the songs in the CD I finally got onto this and it was great throughout, but when Will jumps in with the backing vocals towards the end of the song it just gave me goosebumps, so well done. I love the feeling I get when I listen to this.
  6. So I was at work and my sister texts me that the album got leaked. I actually was kind of disappointed because I wanted to buy the physical copy put it in my car and then drive around. Will anyone else wait until next week to listen to it? It's so hard to control myself. Hope I'm not the only one.
  7. Luckily no, got off at 11 just got home. Just a part time job while I'm going to school full time, are you guys working as well or in school?
  8. Yeah about 3 of my friends are heavily into drake to the point of buying the overpriced OVO merchandise online and pretty much worshipping the guy [emoji23]
  9. Anyways guys my break at work is over! Keep the conversation going! I'll check back in tonight
  10. Even in BC, or atleast the lower mainland, it's been mostly Drake The Weeknd etc, I don't hate them but it's just that they're not my thing.
  11. I'm so glad I can connect with fellow Canadians on here! Coldplay aren't extremely popular with any of my peers or even my close friends which is a shame!
  12. Yeah it was a pretty good concert for what it was. ACDC are good at what they do!
  13. BTW is anyone planning to line up for general admission before the concert? I'm in BC and this will actually be my first Coldplay concert so can anyone give me tips on how early to line up and what to expect when lining up? Also how much are the costs to anyone that may have done it before?
  14. I think they will too. But I went to the acdc concert recently and that was sold out so I'm sure Coldplay could. That being said I believe Coldplay like the concerts to be more 'intimate' so I do believe it will be Rogers arena as well.
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