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  1. It's really hard to judge music. Everyone that has ever written a song knows what feelings run through you and that you often can't actually so much influence on what your doing until you have a certain pattern. Anyways: I can totally understand Chris situation. As I said in another thread, he is not 20 something anymore. Hence he doesnt write about the same things. His life is pretty much settled, he has kids, has been married. I mean you probably get the thought. Noel Gallagher said "I can't write about being unemployed and poor, because I am not". It's much the same for Chris. And I thin
  2. tehgnz

    Fun (feat Tove Lo)

    Soooo, where did you guys listen to it? :D
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to know if anyone has any information regarding this clip from quite a while ago: Was this just a random song or was it transformed into some song on AHFOD? Thanks!
  4. So I am standing right in front of the bakery right now. There is a Ford GT parked there but (as expected) non of the members have shown up, since they are in LA at the moment. I walked up to the door an rang the bell :D whoever was there must have seen me and obviously not opened. But no matter what, I dropped my letter into the letterbox and yes, that's it so far. My train departes at 14:40 so I don't have so mich more time left. But I've seen the Bakery!
  5. Oh okay, I was expecting that a bit since I knew that at least Chris would be in LA. So I heard that people dropped letter through the letterbox? Has anyone got any detail on that? and is there sort of security? Thank you so much guys!!
  6. Okay guys, I know people might have asked that a thousand times but: I am in London for only one more day. My flight departes tomorrow at 14:40. I make music myself and can't miss the chance to visit the Bakery and at least try to give them a USB Stick with my music on (no matter if they will listen to it or not). Has anyone got experience at what time to go there? And I read that Chris is apparently in LA today, so is there a chance of meeting anyone else? Thanks guys!
  7. Hey! Bin aus Frankfurt. Wieso ist der Thread nach 1912 Seiten tot? :D
  8. Not sure Basically I think they're going on a hiatus for a couple of years and probably do random life related stuff. BUT: I wanna relate to something in this thread earlier: I am a musician as well and (of course not nearly as successful as they are) and I concerning how good their albums are and what they become I need to say that: You have to imagine them being musicians. When they were in their early 20s and mid 20s after all that sudden success, you will obviously WRITE music about different/certain things you will not write about in your mid 30s when you have a lot of money
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