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  1. It is a countdown. Mark my words i was right about the shirt. The band has leaked the race just like they leaked “everyday life” an announcement and single will be happening Friday.
  2. Just wait, you’ll see haha
  3. Hello everyone the picture I post below has Chris wearing a new shirt. I’ve made several observations. If you notice that there’s a rip on the neck just like the every day life era shirt. Also there’s a permanent “LOVE” word stitched in. As well as “24” which correspond ls to “music of the spheres”. My theory is that this a new look for the new album. Notice its also colorful.
  4. A little bit of both, I use some of the original sounds but I also create them.
  5. I’ll be taking multitrack requests for $5.00 each song via PayPal. Please give me one week per request.
  6. Hey everyone, go check out the live playback system Coldplay have been using since the ghost stories tour! It’s amazing how flexible and reliable it is! http://fluqe.com/?portfolio=coldplay
  7. Hey! here are my fix you files with the midnight intro! i also included the tempo map if you want to use a different click! [MEDIA=googledrive]1NzOaKD__nQanXZH8sHbOO5m4h1IClfke[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NzOaKD__nQanXZH8sHbOO5m4h1IClfke/view?usp=sharing
  8. It is correct! The first chord shape can be used for the A D C#m E F#m as well! But Chris alternates from the first chord on the tab to the 2nd
  9. Here is a video I made. I play the kawai ES110 and It has the kawai mp9000 piano sounds! it was 700$! it was a great price I played the scientist, clocks, and politik!
  10. I actually had the honor to meet hoppy. which is Chris martins guitar tech! he told me that the tuning is EADEAE I also had the opportunity to meet Dan green which is their sound engineer! he talked to me just before there dc show in 2017! he answered all of my questions. here's a selfie hahaha!!
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