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  1. Don't trust genius. Anyone can edit it. I don't think it will be released in September if they release a single in May. They mostly release their albums about 2 months after first single release
  2. Same here. Can't register to baidu because of the regional limits.
  3. I think that outro was just a bridge to Princess of China. Because that guitar sounds too much like Acoustic version of the song that released later.
  4. When they are waiting to release something i think they are not just waiting they continue writing songs. That means they can release an album and a big ep or two albums. Because there will be so many songs waiting for to be released.
  5. I remember there was a twitter account that was giving hints about MOTS and it was saying that "Music of The Spheres a two part journey to the stars" or something like that. So maybe it's a "real" double album concept (Everyday Life is not a double album properly). That account shared a snippet of beginning of The Race before all the leaks. So this info can be legit.
  6. In the same site there is also a registry for Mylo in Jonny's page that has registered on 11 December 2020 https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmowner/page/search?id=1505381&domain=1&app=0&mark=UK00003564257
  7. They can do it like LeftRightLeftRightLeft. They can share those songs free on their website and for people who wants to collect they can release a physical version.
  8. I agree. Why Chris moves back from working with the band altogether when it didn't finished? I think they finished the album (or whatever they are planning to release) and it's in post process so Chris moved back to LA because he is no longer has to be there in that process.
  9. You are the best! Also do you have archieve of another years and if you have, are you planing to upload them in the future?
  10. I can rest my computer for hours for that but my problem is more about storag 🙂 I don't have extra 110GB of storage 😄
  11. WOW That's huge. Thanks for sharing. Will you keep this folder forever or you gonna delete it after some time?
  12. I agree. If they can't tour they will want an album which they don't have to tour and a rework album fits in it well.
  13. If that's the case other eras should have been arranged like that too. For example X&Y should have been 2005-2007 rather than 2005-2008
  14. Actually i think we can't really trust timeline years (Unless i want something to be released before the end of year). Because Those years are not exactly true. Miracles (Unbroken) is released in 2014 and it's AHFOD era (They included it in Japanese Edition as bonus track). So Ghost Stories had to be just 2014 and AHFOD had to be 2014-2019 if we count them by first thing released from that era. So dates that eras end has to be the year that next album released. So in this case LP9 has to be released in 2020 but we don't think it will and a single release doesn't effect year in timeline regardi
  15. I know that channel. Was it Heart On Fire?
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