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  1. Maybe it's Vol.2 named From Future to F... ? Something like that
  2. I think iheartradio festival performances are waste of time. Because they always happen when we are expecting something new but band chooses not to play anything new. 2015 - We were expecting them to play a new song from AHFOD but they didn't. 2017 - Up&Up was exciting but we were expecting them to play one of Kaleidoscope EP songs. 2020 - We were expecting a live concert with a new song from MOTS -especially The Race was so popular in that time- but it was pre-recorded performance with classics. In this year i was disappointed because i was expecting them to play Coloratura. I mean MOTS+H
  3. I think the important part is Paul Dugdale. He is known for filming live music. He made the extra terrestial video for Higher Power and we still don't know if it's playback too. I think these Paul Dugdale videos can end up with a complete video series for MOTS
  4. Can't be sure. Maybe it's live but they added studio version behind it to make a music video-ish thing to release near future.
  5. They added Live in ... after name of the songs. After all years we finally know which concert the songs from. Also i hope they Lhuna too. If they add, all the studio releases will be on streaming services. (Only Wish I Was Here is not available in Spotify but it's on there)
  6. Maybe it's not a hidden track. It's a b-side of single that will be released in September. Also we don't know it will be %100 My Universe
  7. We all speculating about vol. 2 but we shouldn't trust them about second parts of projects. Many of them are not became real. How We Saw The World Part 2, Mylo Xyloto 2 (This was so popular rumour in that time), Mylo Xyloto Comics Vol. 2 (Comics has Vol. 1 writing in them). So it can named something different or some elements can be used in another project, naming something Vol. 1 and then releasing Vol. 2 is not Coldplay's style sadly. But i hope i'm wrong in this one.
  8. Interesting find. Album has so many MX vibes in it. Also with these clues looks like there will be songs that we already knew their names
  9. These are the guides to people who painted graffities to walls. That's why one of them includes heart, peace, unity etc. writings. But if this alphabet order is same with tracklisting MOTS is not the first song or it's not before Higher Power in the album.
  10. It's Up with the Birds A simple plot, but i know one day Good things are coming our way
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