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  1. Reign of Love and Lovers in Japan are easy to notice too. Hard things are on the lower right side.
  2. I edited the photo and only Lukas is noticeable except the song in album.
  3. They can release a single or album in this year. But main difference between AHFOD and LP9, they had the chance to work on AHFOD in spring-summer 2015. But with LP9 they couldn't do that. That can delay so many things i think.
  4. No. It’s all same font for all artists. If you look at the lineup here you can clearly see. https://www.iheart.com/music-festival/#lineup
  5. Actually it's different from AHFOD. Entire website was different in AHFOD era. This one is just like a different visuals with same template with Everyday Life.
  6. If they ended Everyday Life era in 2020, We will get the album at latest on December 31 πŸ˜„. But i think they won't pass this summer without a release. Because only summer they passed without a release was 2015 and 2019 summers. Other than these all of the summers has at least a single release or music video(The years they released albums).
  7. HD remastering the music videos made me think maybe they can release a remastered version of Parachutes or demo versions.
  8. The circle in the right is not full moon, it’s new moon and there will be dotted lines around it. It was like this in Ahfod era.
  9. I have a theory; Maybe they are going reverse. Now everything on website is themed AHFOD. Maybe time to time they will go back following GS MX VLV... and at last they will change it to Parachutes on 20th anniversary. After that they will announce Music of The Spheres with Finished for the Fans which contains old unreleased songs. Maybe just MOTS is the one contains unreleased songs i don't know. Because it's so strange they change it back to AHFOD theme. They never done this before. They only did Atlas themed website in 2013. Others were always change to album theme and stayed like that.
  10. It's available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5v1SC5d3F8VHwqkXx53f7d?si=IzC5FkgHRxS4OTe9zzyHSA
  11. You are absolutely right. Spam posts are getting too much in forum last few weeks. I don't know how to solve it but there has to be some way. Also you are spending toooooo much time in forum and so active, you should be a moderator πŸ™‚
  12. Maybe they can release The Race without Guy. He was the one who didn't like it πŸ˜„
  13. Yes this can be a big proof they are united back together. Because as i know (i don't remember where and how i know) Chris and Rik was together. Also i don't think Will's getting out from England so much. In the post it says drummer and bassist so that means Will came back from somewhere. This can mean they are united in US. If it's true Jonny has to be in US too. Now they can start working on LP9 again.
  14. Maybe something on the Global Citizen on 27th of June. At least i hope.
  15. When i saw that comment i was shocked. Because that person has a very bad language and making people hate Turkish people. I hate those guys. @M Marks The Spot I'm sorry for him as a Turkish person. Also thanks for reacting very kind. We need people like you in the world.
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