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  1. God it sounds so haunting... I'd love a song starting like that, imagine listening to that intro and then the song kicks int, talking about an astronaut lost in space. :P
  2. Chris is confirmed to be doing a collab with Brittany Howard on sunday. So I guess the chances of him playing Everyday Life went down now. Which song do you think the will be playing? https://twitter.com/RecordingAcad/status/1370102215319252994?s=20
  3. It's the Grammys, he won't play more than one song! And now that you guys mention it, I also think he will most likely play Everyday Life.
  4. They got the instrumental from this forum's download section for sure
  5. Hurts Like Heaven and Don't Let It Break Your Heart... I'll never get over those two powerful songs!
  6. 1. Always In My Head 2. Midnight 3. O (Fly On) 4. Magic 5. Another's Arms 6. True Love 7. Ink 8. A Sky Full Of Stars 9. Oceans
  7. This and more comes in the Mylo Xyloto pop-up edition. I have it and it's such a great book, full of notes about the process involved on making Mylo Xyloto, and a section at the end, called "excerpts from Chris' notebook" shows all these pages and notes from him. They have a lot of easter eggs! :P
  8. He mentioned the finished version of UATW on that Instagram live past year, so I'm sure he wasn't talking about this obscure release of the song being played live.
  9. We know they were planing at some point on doing a double album, and as this article says, it would've been called Mylo Xyloto 2 or Mylo Xylotwo. Is it possible they are revisiting that album now? Rescue St. seems to have been a finished song since they were considering it to be part of MX, as well as Car Kids, also a song called Tomorrow (maybe the same Tomorrow listed on an early Ghost Stories possible tracklist). They seem to be reworking old MX2 demos, since the guitar labeled as Rescue St. was being used on Chris' house maybe for practice! :O Also, it's funny to see The Man Who Swear
  10. Actually, yes. Both Charlie Brown and Car Kids are separate songs. The Mylo Xyloto pop-up book contains proof of that, since both are listed as individual songs on a alleged setlist there...
  11. Oh sorry... :P now I got your point! What if Roadie42 came up with the idea of MOTS? Remember how that idea was floating around when Brian Eno was working with the band? That idea was mentioned on the Roadie book (I know Miller wasn't the autor tho...)
  12. Since Lethal Drug was leaked already, I don't see any point on releasing it, maybe they lost interest on that song a while ago... Phil said we would eventually get The Race, but what if it made it into the album as another song, with another name and lyrics? It was intended to be a single for GS, so if they rework it and like it, we might get it as well this time. Fingers crossed for the AHFOD film version!!! Besides that, maybe they'll recycle old demos we are not aware of right now, plus all the new songs Chris is able to write. On every album, theres a low re-used demo ratio, for
  13. Sorry but I dont see any similarities here... :( or am I missimg something?
  14. Interesting find, but I have to ask, where's the MOTS poster?
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