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  1. The circle in the right is not full moon, it’s new moon and there will be dotted lines around it. It was like this in Ahfod era.
  2. I have a theory; Maybe they are going reverse. Now everything on website is themed AHFOD. Maybe time to time they will go back following GS MX VLV... and at last they will change it to Parachutes on 20th anniversary. After that they will announce Music of The Spheres with Finished for the Fans which contains old unreleased songs. Maybe just MOTS is the one contains unreleased songs i don't know. Because it's so strange they change it back to AHFOD theme. They never done this before. They only did Atlas themed website in 2013. Others were always change to album theme and stayed like that.
  3. It's available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5v1SC5d3F8VHwqkXx53f7d?si=IzC5FkgHRxS4OTe9zzyHSA
  4. You are absolutely right. Spam posts are getting too much in forum last few weeks. I don't know how to solve it but there has to be some way. Also you are spending toooooo much time in forum and so active, you should be a moderator 🙂
  5. Maybe they can release The Race without Guy. He was the one who didn't like it 😄
  6. Yes this can be a big proof they are united back together. Because as i know (i don't remember where and how i know) Chris and Rik was together. Also i don't think Will's getting out from England so much. In the post it says drummer and bassist so that means Will came back from somewhere. This can mean they are united in US. If it's true Jonny has to be in US too. Now they can start working on LP9 again.
  7. Maybe something on the Global Citizen on 27th of June. At least i hope.
  8. When i saw that comment i was shocked. Because that person has a very bad language and making people hate Turkish people. I hate those guys. @M Marks The Spot I'm sorry for him as a Turkish person. Also thanks for reacting very kind. We need people like you in the world.
  9. I think the death of rock is not a real death, it's just an evolution. Rock evolved into pop music i think. Because if we look at the music we call now was pop in 15 years ago.
  10. I would be very happy if it happens. Because i like MX' colorful but strong side, Viva's artistic style, Parachutes' raw sounds, AROBTTH's soft but big type in the same time, X&Y's instrumental quality and space side. But Chris said "There won't be any unconventional Coldplay album" So mainstream pop is eliminated if they follow this line. Everyday Life proved a little bit that they are following. But yeah it's Coldplay. They are full of surprises.
  11. I'm expecting something about the new album later but maybe just a little tease of it today or maybe tease for The Race release and i hope it's proper The Race release 🙂. I'm hoping for something today but most probably nothing's gonna happen 😄
  12. THIS DESTROYED EVERYTHING!!! IT'S REALLY COMING SOMEDAY BUT WHEN? HOPE NOT YEARS LATER https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/1256316313879732224?s=20
  13. The Race lovers we are hyped for this song so much. The band don't have the right to tease and not releasing the song. Just kidding but we all want this song to be released. Yeah i know it's leaked and sold but we don't know who bought it and will share it. So we can do something the put pressure on band because i see so many people wants this song. But even if so many people tweeting or sharing something they are seperated and not big moves. My plan is let's tweet together for hastag #releasetherace with planned date and time. Maybe band will see and change their minds. It's possible because as you know Noel Gallagher decided to release one of his demos during quarantine. Why Coldplay not? But i need people to participate in this together maybe Coldplaying's twitter account can announce it and decide the date and time. Maybe other fan accounts such as ColdplayXtra and etc. can participate too. So let's support me an do something. I think it's worth a try, isn't it? This is Noel Gallagher's that i mentioned: https://twitter.com/NoelGallagher/status/1255421736855703552?s=20
  14. I think UFO was just a given name. If there was a song has name UFO originally and didn't make it to album maybe they wanted a song in the album that has the name UFO and they gave it to the song we know U.F.O.
  15. I think there meant to be something around this time (song release, album announce etc.) but it's delayed because of coronavirus. The shows were scheduled and would be announced after news but because of delay they are gone too. But LiveNation forgot to cancel it or something similar and that's why they got mail. This is my prediction.
  16. Actually it's not about just the song titles in other songs lyrics. In Mylo Xyloto there is a story, there is a mind. So all songs are connecting each other with their angle that they see the world. It's not just in Mylo Xyloto this thing exists in albums after than X&Y. But in Mylo Xyloto it's so sharp for people not to see it.
  17. The old one was looking a bit low quality so i made a new one. I created the globe 3D and animated it.
  18. The design is more modern and functional BUT except the new posts section. I think the new posts section should be on the very top as possible not at the side. Because we -the people who enter the forum at least once a day- are entering to see the new posts. Because we already know what is exists in the forum. I always look for only the new posts because i enter the forum up to 5 times a day. Only time i scroll down to categories is for to look for a concert file or something like that. Also combining news and forum in homepage is a good idea but there isn't any individual news page. Previous homepage wasn't containing forum and this one is nice. But we can't see older news because there isn't any news page. On the visual side with white background is very freshing but in homepage it looks so empty like windows notepad because the sections are white too. Maybe in there you can use gold details like the bands website or you can change the section colors or you can change the font with a bolder one. These are my thoughts on new website design. Instead of my thoughts it's still nice and great work. Thank you for bringing this platform for us.
  19. Which minute is that?
  20. This Mylo Xyloto hints are so nice! I love MX era and if LP9 will be connected to MX i will be very happy.
  22. As Kyle said share it full or don't tease.
  23. I think it's not impossible. Do you remember Mylo Xyloto 2 theory right after the release of Mylo Xyloto. There were too many songs scrapped out at the Mylo Xyloto sessions. There were rumours about the band wants to release those songs too with Mylo Xyloto 2 album like they did with Prospekt's March in Viva era. I will be very happy if they do that. Because the limited colors theme of Mylo Xyloto is stylistically awesome and sounds are so rough. In that time Mylo Xyloto was so different and too much pop for people but now after AHFOD and Everyday Life people started to figure out how that album was Coldplay-ish and mainly "rock" album.
  24. Thanks for your comments. I am planning to make EL too but i’m waiting for the whole music videos and everything to finish.
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