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  1. Thank you for your response, it warmed my heart [emoji173]️ The thing is, my parents are not homophobic. I guess they just didn't expect my coming out and they are afraid that this all is just a phase. They are also really worried about how hard my life can be as a gay person in Poland (apparently it's the second most homophobic country in Europe, yay - and it's getting even worse because of our conservative government). I think they need more time to process that thing and change their prospect of my future. But I'm afraid that all that has happened between us during the last year wil
  2. Maybe someone can remember this post I wrote here over a year ago. Turns out that at that time I had no idea what being in love felt like. I had just assumed I was straight. I hadn't really questioned it until I became close with her. The funny thing is I made the first step with her not even knowing that I was attracted to women. We've been together for a year now. It might seem weird that not that long ago I thought that I was straight and now I think I'm not even attracted to men. I guess it's because of the environment I grew up in. Only about 2 years ago I realised that the
  3. Thank you for the package and the wishes [emoji173] Happy Christmas! :)
  4. I'm so so glad you like it [emoji173]️ Have yourself a merry little Christmas Jane [emoji5] I picked up my package today [emoji16][emoji16] I don't know who sent it though - the lovely person from Lithuania please come forward! Holy mackerel, the box was huge! Inside I found some candy and a white Coldplay mug filled with tea bags [emoji173] I'm a huge tea lover so you definitely hit the mark with this one Thank you! [emoji173]
  5. I sent my package on the 8th of December so I guess it should have already arrived :/ I got a note from the post office that there's a package waiting for me and it's probably t h e package :> I think I'll pick it up tomorrow, can't wait [emoji173]️
  6. It was exactly one month ago so it's time for a recap :> Approaching the stadium I felt this buzz combined with a tight grip inside of me. After a while I finally found my gate and then cheeetaz in the queue. The waiting itself was dull, but I stayed patient cause I knew it was absolutely worth it. It was b o i l i n g and there wasn't much shadow - still worth it tho. Shortly before opening the gates, we were split into groups to avoid people trampling each other and I and Christian managed to squeeze into the first group. A relief :D And then, eventually, we were let in. God, I was
  7. Coldplay employ some people who travel with them full-time but they also employ some local people for 1-3 shows. This guy is probably one of them. The t-shirt, setlist and schedule seem authentic to me I don't know what about the drumsticks and guitar pick, I've never seen them in real life. However, i don't think it's worth the price You can get a setlist, drumstick or guitar pick from a roadie (a person who takes care of the band's equipment). Just ask him kindly after the show ;) You can buy a similar t-shirt in Coldplay's store for the price below 50€
  8. This technique of dyeing fabric is called tie dye
  9. It was noon, I'm not sure if it's am or pm [emoji14]
  10. I think it depends on the number of EE tickets released In my country it was about 200 and there was still some space by the barriers after all the EE tickets holders had arrived I had a regular GA ticket and queued since 12am but I think I wouldn't have been able to stand by the barrier next to the A stage without the help of my friend (who had an EE ticket)
  11. That's her sister's favourite song who's getting married soon
  12. I'll cry my eyes out tonight I a m s t a d i n g b y t h e b a r r i e r help
  13. I'm here with cheeetaz :) It's boiling hot!
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