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  1. Today (and really this week), it's Square One. It's been on constant repeat
  2. Here are my videos of Clocks and The Scientist. (Sorry for the shaky camera) Also, here is a picture I posted earlier on r/coldplay
  3. That was one of the greatest moments of my life! Loved it! :guitarist::drummer::singer::guitarist:
  4. Yeah, I knew that going for Safey and Blue Room would be impossible. Who knows, maybe someone will sell it at a garage sale somewhere around me and severely underprice it not knowing it's value. That's probably a pipe dream though...
  5. Hey guys! Today I finally completed my collection of Coldplay albums (+Prospekts March)! Here it is: But, I don't want to stop collecting. In fact, I want to start buying stuff like singles, and eps. I've seen a lot of singles on vinyl, but I don't have a record player, so they'd be useless. Also, since I'm a teenager, I can't really afford the $100+ ones. Any help on were to find some?
  6. Yeah, I'm giving up on the song requests. From what I've heard, they're not picking songs that they usually don't play, but they're doing ones like Lovers in Japan and Don't Panic. But I'm still SUPER EXCITED to see them! It'll the first Coldplay show I've been to and I'm ecstatic! I'm counting down the days by now. :dance:
  7. I just want to make sure my suggestion won't already be on their setlist. I mean maybe Gideon_Mx is right and it doesn't matter.
  8. Just to be safe, how about Lovers in Japan? Have they played it recently? Is it banned?
  9. Hey! Do you guys know which song you'll be suggesting for the show? I have 3 in mind, (Talk, Life in Technicolor ii, and A Rush of Blood To The Head) and if a lot of people are choosing one of those, I won't suggest it because it'll probably get played anyway.
  10. Part 2: ELIMINATED: In My Place, Green Eyes, and Daylight RULE CHANGE! Vote for your least favorite this time. VOTE HERE
  11. 1. AROBTTH (10/10 Best song: GPASUYF) 2. X&Y (9.5/10 Best song: Talk) 3. Viva (9/10 Best song: 42) 4. MX (8/10 Best song: Charlie Brown) 5. Parachutes (7/10 Best song: Don't Panic) 6. GS (6.5/10 Best song: Ink) 7. AHFOD(6/10 Best song: Birds)
  12. I'd have to agree with you there. That's a regular skip for me.
  13. My 1 year old dog Coco! [/img] SO CUTE!!!! :daisy:
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