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  1. Sorry this post is a little late. I've been sick a bit. I got the prize on Thursday. Thank you so McPhee coldplaying!!!! I love it! I am so thankful. It was fun to just make and see all the cool art piece other people made. Love, peace, and Coldplay ✌️❄️▶️ - Jamila
  2. Lol I don't want y'all to envy but I will share what the prize is :charlie1:
  3. I believe in love and the great pumpkin!

  4. X&y the land, sea, river, the trees, the stars, the skyyyyy
  5. Ghost Story!!!

  6. wow I just wanted to thank to everyone that congratulated me. All the entries were brilliant!!! Thank you judges for picking me. I had a lot of fun putting this together. I didn't look at any of the entries until mine was done because I didn't want to pinch anyone's ideas. This was such a fun and great contest. I love being a Coldplayer and a part of the Coldplay community. Love and Good Vibes to y'all. - Jamila :charlie1::dazzled:
  7. [ATTACH=full]6252[/ATTACH] Hi y'all this is my entry. I worked on two entries of the same theme and had a hard time choosing. I went with this one because well it's kinda cute. I think, I hope, maybe, lol. I present Charlie Brown's Ghost Story. P.S. I looked at all the other entries and you lot did great work!
  8. Wow that's really cool! I'm still amazed and bow to your editing awesomeness!
  9. Taking people's cellphones while singing Talk ( looking at you Chris)
  10. I think I might have a go at this
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