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  1. good song has a what a wonderful world vibe
  2. A Dream Full of Heads

  3. i dont get this album honestly Obama ? wtf was that about ?
  4. why is everyone discussing how great the songs are and nobody provides me with the goods so i can express my opinion too?
  5. PM me please nobody gives me the album have mercy
  6. i know i can get a lot of hate for what i'm about to say but coldplay are going downhills,midnight video isn't that great either,the album gets boring after a few listens,not that bad, but considering what quality coldplay can deliver its just shit,i hope they go back to their roots and be more creative in making songs and music videos
  7. it is rumoured avicii will be in kangoroo suit....btw they are doing this for the world cup rights ?
  8. always thought its about jews cause he sings "jew always in my head" http://youtu.be/tDFXcjcUKF8?t=1m36s but now i understand its about nutella
  9. sorry for posting again like a total noob but please people check out this show
  10. i would change when you get what you want but not what you need to when you get what shoe want but not what shoe need just like this bitch singing over here [video=youtube;jJcbkcAzDWg] also when you feel so tired but shoe cant sleep i mean looool PS don't want to be a jackass but she destroyed it,i hate when a song is butchered like this the cover should be called destroy you instead of fix you lel
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