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  1. Expression. :happy2: Btw, @coldplayisawesome , if you don't mind, I'd really love to see your film! As I'm just making my first steps in your direction, i'm very intrigued! :)
  2. I turn the music up, I got my records on I shut the world outside until the lights come on ... I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song :heart::heart::heart::dance::dance::dance::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled:
  3. Oh nooooooo, I was just in the middle of writing that!!! :happy2: haha We think alike ... all those clumsy things, send me out to that wonderful woooooooorld <3 ♫♪♫
  4. Noooo unfortunately :/ I'd love to tho, if not this year, then the next I'll definitely do it tho! :happy2: Here's a weird one. Have you ever hated somebody only to realise there's no use in hating so you just let it all go? Forget and forgive even if the person doesn't give a damn and is "terrible", just for your peace of mind? :)
  5. Yeah of course :) I like to have a diversity in everything, especially music! Have you ever felt "drunk and high" without being "drunk and high" :happy2: ? (describe)
  6. Now the skyyyyyyy could be bluuuuuuuue could be greeeeeeeeey Without you I'm just miles awaaaaaaaay
  7. No I don't wanna battle from begging to end, I don't wanna cycle or recycle revenge, I don't wanna follow Death and all of his friends <3 ♫♪♫ ♪♫♪ ♫♪♫ I know "from" is not a key word but I love this lyric so much and it was just playing as I read your comment @coldplayisawesome so yea. :happy2:
  8. I'd love to meet up at some point! Think next time I'll be in London tho will be December for their Christmas show (come on guys, announce it already!), so maybe around the show date? :)
  9. The AHFOD ones are! @Linus is gonna kill me when he learns that one of mine ended up in the washing machine for a 30 min ride of joy! And just worked when I took it apart :happy2:
  10. Well who knows, life is so unpredictable, I hope not, but I do say things like that because I'm an idiot :happy2: Why did you tell everybody it was our last album We'll make a.. We'll see what happens :awesome: Before we made a band together we were just friends :) How can you not love em haha :awesome:
  11. O -Fly on, ride through, maybe one day I'd fly next to you, fly on vs Everglow - and you're with me wherever I go ,and you give me this feeling, this everglow That's two of the most powerful Coldplay lyrics in my opinion so good luck to the next person! :happy2:
  12. Oh what good is it to liiiiiiiive, With nothing left to giiive, Forget, but not forgiiiiiiive, Not loving all you see?!?!? ♫♪♫ [spoiler=I love this song <3]
  13. Haha admit it, you're just stalking me haha ! AAH, thank you @alicjanna !!! My friend David sent it to me yesterday! Made me so happy! :happy2: I wanna make a facebook profile video out of it! haha. Love how they froze the moment and caught my spirit because now it reminds me of how I felt! :happy2:
  14. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the video! :) Everybody should learn something from it, about the unconditionality of love, about being able to love yourself first before you love another and of course that finding one another is not about completing each other, but about sharing your completeness and being stronger! :happy2: That's the other reason I love it, because it could have multiple meanings behind it and each person can understand it differently, just like a Coldplay song! I loved the story as I really relate to Chris' philosophy on life and well I just love to be able to see the world through his perception :) It's a much better world! It is very beautiful, isn't it? And I learned about it mouth to mouth! I really want to know as much as possible about the hidden meaning behind their songs. I'm always trying to connect the dots somehow :happy2:
  15. YESS, finally!!! HALLELUJAH! haha :happy2: And let me explain! My good friend Zuzana @wisna met Chris and asked him what does his O tattoo mean. So Chris took her hand and drew an O on the inside of her wrist and told her a beautiful little story about a missing piece that meets the big O. A story that really inspired me as it shows love the way it's meant to be. It's best if you see the story here: Zuzana then tattooed an actual O at the exact same place where Chris drew it on her hand. And I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo and when that happens I have no doubt I'll get an O :) For me it means love in it's most complete and true form. So that's the riddle of the O and the amazing meaning behind the song as well.
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