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  1. djibou

    QUÉBEC !

    Quelle déception quand même que Coldplay ne soit pas sur le lineup du Festival d'Été :(
  2. Clocks - Coldplay 88 Citizen Erased - Muse 53 Money - Pink Floyd 29
  3. Jk it was me, I love you, I knew I made it obvious but omfg I was so excited to get you :cheesy: Heheheheheheheheheheheheh You're welcome :kiss: Tracklist: 1. Intro - alt-j 2. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out - The Antlers 3. Wanderlust - Frank Turner 4. Lovesong - Death Cab For Cutie 5. Take Me to the Riot - Stars 6. Catch Me - The Jezabels 7. Supernova - Yves Marchand 8. Dougou Badia (feat. Santigold) - Amadou & Mariam 9. 23 - Blonde Redhead 10. Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles 11. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit 12. Steve McQueen - M83 13. Bloo
  4. Spies (Alternate) 1 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 19 ---------------------------------------------- Violet Hill 17 For You 3 ---------------------------------------------- Things I Don't Understand 19 A Whisper 1 ---------------------------------------------- The World Turned Upside Down 3 Shiver 17
  5. I hate her with a lot of love
  6. Aww thanks Eddie :kiss: I knew it was you haha. You never fail with good mixtapes :)
  7. Ok partner, I was late, but here is your review, at last. First of all, thanks for the beautiful artwork :kiss: Here, a track by track review: 1. Like the quiet intro. It may be a little too quite, but it's pretty awesome. It picks up a little bit and gets my interest back when the voice comes in. Nice start so far. 2. Okay, favourite song of the tape, after 3 listens of the hole thing and 10 of this one song. Love the 8-bit sounds, they fit perfectly with the light beat in the back. I honestly loved it without the vocals, and maybe I would have left it like that, but after a
  8. the best hey dee i left you a freaking moving heart on your profile in a vm and i didn't get love back, and now I'm just worried
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