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  1. djibou

    QUÉBEC !

    Quelle déception quand même que Coldplay ne soit pas sur le lineup du Festival d'Été :(
  2. Clocks - Coldplay 88 Citizen Erased - Muse 53 Money - Pink Floyd 29
  3. Jk it was me, I love you, I knew I made it obvious but omfg I was so excited to get you :cheesy: Heheheheheheheheheheheheh You're welcome :kiss: Tracklist: 1. Intro - alt-j 2. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out - The Antlers 3. Wanderlust - Frank Turner 4. Lovesong - Death Cab For Cutie 5. Take Me to the Riot - Stars 6. Catch Me - The Jezabels 7. Supernova - Yves Marchand 8. Dougou Badia (feat. Santigold) - Amadou & Mariam 9. 23 - Blonde Redhead 10. Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles 11. Sleepyhead - Passion Pit 12. Steve McQueen - M83 13. Bloodflood - alt-j 14. Simple Song - The Shins Mine was hosted on mediafire but it got removed so if anyone wants to download it, just say, I'll upload it somewhere else :wacky:
  4. Spies (Alternate) 1 God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 19 ---------------------------------------------- Violet Hill 17 For You 3 ---------------------------------------------- Things I Don't Understand 19 A Whisper 1 ---------------------------------------------- The World Turned Upside Down 3 Shiver 17
  5. I hate her with a lot of love
  6. Aww thanks Eddie :kiss: I knew it was you haha. You never fail with good mixtapes :)
  7. Ok partner, I was late, but here is your review, at last. First of all, thanks for the beautiful artwork :kiss: Here, a track by track review: 1. Like the quiet intro. It may be a little too quite, but it's pretty awesome. It picks up a little bit and gets my interest back when the voice comes in. Nice start so far. 2. Okay, favourite song of the tape, after 3 listens of the hole thing and 10 of this one song. Love the 8-bit sounds, they fit perfectly with the light beat in the back. I honestly loved it without the vocals, and maybe I would have left it like that, but after a few listens, it's just as good with or without vocals. Great one :heart: 3. What a dark atmosphere this one has, so deep and idk, it feels almsot personal. While the song itself doesn't impress me, the atmosphere it conveys got me. 4. It's lovely. Her voice is very nice, and the music that surrounds it isn't pop-ish, it's hard to qualify, it's just good. Nice one. 5. Okay, you couldn't know that, but I've never been very fond of that voice effect. Sorry, not my cup of tea :\ 6. I know this. My ex used to be crazy about them, and while I never listened to that song by myself, i know it because of her haha. I always liked the little guitar bit , as short as it is. Hip-hop and rap have never been my kinds of music, but there are a few exceptions. This one can be considered as such. 7. Ahh I'm sorry. This one isn't an exception :/ 8. This one is. Possibly because of the piano chords in the back, and idk I know nothing of that kind of music, but his voice reminds me of Kanye's. Thanks for showing me songs of that kind of music btw, I don't listen to it often enough. 9. That's gotta be the cutest track off the mixtape. Very different from the tracks before nad it's kinda refreshing. I think it is beautiful, really. I wonder how many xylos were playing at the same time. One of my favourites off the tape. :heart: 10. This one's a catchy one. The beat is catchy, the vocals are catchy. Nice one. 11. I love this one. It starts off slow, and more and more sounds keep being added to the tune. I would've left it vocals-less too, but that's my preference. Thanks for this one :heart: 12. Nice tune for the outtro. Very experimental, imo. Not a favourite but it closes off well. I like the parts where the beat stops better, because the synths are so beautiful, I feel like I can be transported somewhere. I'd like to thank my partner for this tape that obviously doesn't reflect my everyday type of music. My favourites are tracks 2, 9 and 11. Overall, I enjoyed the mixtape very much. :kiss:
  8. the best hey dee i left you a freaking moving heart on your profile in a vm and i didn't get love back, and now I'm just worried
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