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  1. Finally back on Coldplaying!

  2. Hey everyone! Halloween is near, and I have planned to go as either Guy from 2012 or Chris from this era (2016.) I do need help though! I'm just in love with the outfits, and my mom and I love DIY stuff! For the Guy outfit, I have a jacket like his, but I'm wondering how can I make my own patches that he had on his jacket? Also, any ideas on how to customize some shoes like the ones he wore? I do have a shirt with 'CK' (for Car Kids) on it, a jacket (that's green) that is just like his, and some neat pants. So now I just need help to decorate the jacket with patches and maybe some other things that would look cool. Here's some picture examples of what I'm looking for. First 2 pics are the patches he has. Any way to DIY? Last pic are his shoes, I'm looking for a way to bend my shoes like that (I have some that are the same.) [ATTACH=full]6202[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6203[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6205[/ATTACH] If I don't go as Guy, I'll go as Chris from this era (because his outfit is just super cool!) I have nothing really to build off of, but I'm looking to do something like his Superbowl Outfit. Ideas, suggestions? I'd appreciate them! [ATTACH=full]6206[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6207[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6208[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6209[/ATTACH]
  3. So I came up with an edit for this competition! Hopefully it's funny, or at least cool :P Good luck to everyone!! :3 [ATTACH=full]6106[/ATTACH]
  4. I'm an Oldplayer but I like all of Coldplay's music. I can totally understand where everyone comes from, liking the old stuff over the new :P But the point of the post was to understand Coldplay has changed and we can't do much about it. No, we don't have to like it, but maybe give it a chance (to the people who haven't given it a chance.) I know the album will be close to a year old, but you never know. Hopefully everyone knows you're all entitled to your opinions here of course and my post was my opinion on some people who say they have changed (and never give the new stuff a chance) :)
  5. I didn't mean to try to say how people should feel, I was just saying maybe they should give the band another chance for their new stuff! Of course it's fine to hate new coldplay, but some people hate them and don't give them any credit for trying. I totally understand your point but I just wanted to say I didn't mean it that way. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that! :\
  6. So as we have all seen this era, everyone has been complaining of how much Coldplay has changed. But I'm here to (rant) explain how Coldplay has changed from every. single. era. and not just GS to the AHFOD era. First, let's get the basics of each album. Parachutes, soft rock. AROBTTH, Indie/Alt. X&Y, Alt. VLVoDAAHF, Alt. MX, Pop/Alt. GS, Alt. AHFOD, Pop/Alt. Each album is different as you can see. Most of them are alternative rock, but all have a different style. I never see people complaining 'Ugh Coldplay has changed so much from Parachutes to AROBTTH!' Well they DID change from those 2 albums. Compare the song Sparks to In My Place. Totally different right? How about Shiver to Daylight? Sort of different. We can't complain about new Coldplay. Yes, we are all allowed to not like a song or two (or a whole album) by the band, but that isn't fair to compare Parachutes to AHFOD or any album except AHFOD to AHFOD. We can all say 'I like this better than this' but we can't compare their styles of music. Each album is different. All artists experiment. Every album, every song, every guitar riff is something new to the band. Coldplay are experimenting different styles of music right now and they are happy. Would you rather have a sad Coldplay or a Coldplay who are happy that they can still make music and perform? Of course Coldplay has changed, they change with music itself. There is always a new style of music being discovered and maybe they want to try it. Without experimenting albums and songs, Coldplay would not be around. It's like, would you create a company that made computers from the 1950's in 2016? No because nobody uses huge computers from the 50's anymore. And for Coldplay it would be, would you make a soft rock album in 2016? Probably not because more people like Pop now. Everyone does love some soft rock every now and then, but it's becoming outdated sadly. We all love Parachutes because we love Coldplay and that's our taste in music. We should all be happy for the band that they love what they are doing. Instead of saying they have changed and I hate your new music, let's give it a chance. (This was a rant of my opinion on the 'Coldplay has changed' saying. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with this :) Also to say, you can say anything you want about Coldplay! Your opinion! Hopefully I didn't make you feel like you shouldn't voice your opinion. You totally should! Thats what makes us fans! :) )
  7. I'm currently jamming to the Mylo Xyloto album! I honestly can never get enough of it. It's just... amazing, even though so many people dislike it.
  8. Took this sky picture earlier and I'm stunned. It's amazing honestly!
  9. This is a really nice article! I love it because I'm always interested in what goes on behind the scenes of band production. Thanks for posting!
  10. Hmm.. would it count if I bought a juice box for 50 cents as my most recent purchase? :thinking::nod: I don't really buy things that often since I don't have an allowance. The next thing I'll get though may be a copy of LeftRightLeftRightLeftRight! I saw many on eBay for under 10$! It may sound crazy for an album that is quite rare now.
  11. [ATTACH=full]5855[/ATTACH] :dazzled:
  12. And also happy birthday to Fix You! Honestly one of my favorite songs that makes me emotional every time. :cry::braces:
  13. Hey everyone! I thought I'd share my Coldplay CD collection. It's not much at the moment, still missing Live 2014, LeftRightLeftRightLeftRight, and Live 2003. Hopefully I'll get those soon though! I plan on getting them as a Christmas gift from Ebay or some other places! [ATTACH=full]5854[/ATTACH]
  14. The set list for the show was as follows: A Head Full of Dreams Yellow Every Teardrop is a Waterfall The Scientist Birds Paradise with Remix Everglow Clocks Midnight Charlie Brown Hymn for the Weekend Fix You Heroes (David Bowie cover) Viva la Vida Adventure of a Lifetime Kaleidoscope A Sky Full of Stars Up&Up
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