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  1. Hi. I am possibly looking for a stand in lead guitarist for a tour in Turkey incase our guitarist cant do it, i wont know till Tuesday the situation but its only 2 weeks away and so i am just seeing if there are other options and anyone who may interested.
  2. lol yeah makes me cringe when i think about it then it makes me smile when i was told the bar staff couldn't stop laughing when i was told:)
  3. well done to that guy, that took some bottle:)
  4. Hi just thought would share a story with Coldplay fans:) Few months ago we did a gig in Poole and when we arrived we said hi to the boss and how was things, he said Its going ok but Abs has passed away" we thought Oh no thats terrible! Anyways Abs was a guy who had worked there for years and collected the tickets, very nice guy. So i thought i would dedicate a song to him and thought The Scientist would be nice. As the gig went along people were in a singing mood and decided to do Yellow for Abs instead, it went down ok as far as we could tell. After the gig the boss came upto me and sa
  5. Was really surprised of her performance when i saw it, wasn't sure what to expect. Thought it was great, she must of been pretty nervous.
  6. yeah really are some of the nicest people i ever met, also Guy for walking over to us was something i did not expect. Glad you like the story
  7. Thanks, yeah been a member for a while was nice meeting Kris from Coldplaying also, saw him on the boat on the Christmas video remeber him telling me were he stood, that looked like a great experience, apparently very very cold. Yeah i am tall:)
  8. Hi yeah if you could upload the pic that would be great thanks so much:) and thank you for posting the story in the TOTP thread.
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