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  1. I'll give my review a little later. But cant help but hope Brian Eno returns at some point.
  2. First off, Ive been on this forum since pre- X&Y release, but have been a lurker for the past couple album cycles and don't post much these days. But Ive followed the boys from the very beginning. So, its been a treat to say that Ive grown with them musically and in life. I always wished they'd had gone the full alternative/rock route, as their earlier stuff indicated that they would be pretty damn good at it! Look, I love Buckland's guitar, I think he's a subtle genius, and wish they would fully unleash him, i.e. One I Love(2003 Live). But Ive come to accept that they just aren't go
  3. This was eluded to in another thread somewhere by another poster, but I feel like COTW is a continuation of some sorts to UWTB. I could be reaching here but I think for me the lyric,"Might have to go where they don't know my name. Float all over the world just to see her again" from UWTB and the lyric."I wandered the whole wide world, but baby you're the best." from COTW seem to be interconnected. Even if they aren't, for me, the songs feel connected through those set of lyrics. What do you guys think?
  4. I thought it was at least three songs that start with the same letter. There is three songs that start with the letter "C"
  5. The first part, the piano part of Bani Adam was played in 2010. Chris plays it at the very end of Trouble in the video below. I always loved the little snippet of it and wondered if we would ever hear it again
  6. Who cares about how it performs as single? Cause you know who doesn't? Coldplay. They chose to release this song now because it obviously is special to them. Think people are missing the essence of the song for what it is. As for the song not having a big ending, they have done that plenty of times. Have you forgotten that they don't like repeating themselves? Sticking to the same formula with song structures gets boring after a while. Everyday Life is beautiful. I love it!
  7. Yea, I personally don't think they would do that either. In fact, I would be kind of disappointed if they did. Besides, they are always talking about trying something new and not repeating themselves. Plus, I would like to think that they wouldn't hype this up only to drop new versions of old songs.
  8. Don't know if anyone has said this or not, but after hearing the 15 second teaser and hearing those strings, someone on the Facebook post said that maybe the album could be an album of reworkings of different Coldplay tracks from their past albums. Maybe the reworked songs will be the youtube videos that the thumbnails were changed to black and white and have the symbol on them? Maybe orchestra reworkings of old songs.
  9. Looking like another era is about to begin! Been here since the pre X&Y rumors and release. Gotta say, this never gets old! I've always wanted the band to do something "experimental". I really just want them to expand their creative wings and really be free to try anything! Super excited though! Time to sit back and enjoy this ride!
  10. IneedYou23


    I've always thought that the placement of UFO on the track listing after Major Minus adds something more to UFO. Major Minus feels like this battle with the "bad guy". It has crunchy guitars and is very atmospheric. It's a very intense song actually. Then UFO comes in right after and sweeps you away blissfully. Its like the calm after the storm. The battle is over and now there is this sense of relief and reflection on where to go now, what might the next step be? It's a break in the journey. It's a moment to catch your breath and reflect. This is one of my favorite songs because of th
  11. One of the reasons I was drawn to Coldplay way back when, was for how melodic their music is. Chris has a way with creating melodies. Whether it's his playing them on an instrument or singing them. Often I would find myself humming lyrics to certain songs and then realizing how amazing the vocal melody actually is. Chris is really great at coming up with vocal melodies and I believe he is one of the best to ever do it! Sometimes its easy to forget the vocal melody, as you just concentrate on the lyrics that are being sung. But if you try to take away the actual lyrics and hear the vocal mel
  12. This is Coldplay! It's different then anything they have released in a long time! Dare I say all the way back to the Viva era? You can hear Eno's influence all over this song. Honestly, I wish they would go back to working with Eno fully, for their next LP at least. He pushes the band musically in ways that no one can, not even themselves. As I said before, I loved that Will was using different time signatures during the Viva era. This being an Eno produced song, seems to have that effect. I like it. This is the direction I would love to see them go in next. Or at least explore more diffe
  13. Sometimes, I'm amazed at how Jonny and Will's playing keeps getting washed out and pushed back in the production on certain songs. Especially when Jonny has a great guitar on the song or when Will is smashing the drums! This has been my one consistent critique of the boys for a while. I can barely hear Will's drumming on the last part of the song, and thats a shame because he is killing it, especially in the live videos I've seen. The sound of the drums aren't as powerful as they are live. I really hope they start working with someone who will push the guitars and drums to the front of the pro
  14. Look, I've been a fan since the very beginning. I've seen this band grow and progress. I might not have always liked the direction they took sometimes on certain songs or albums, but I embrace the fact that they don't like to repeat themselves. One thing I have learned from them is progression, not just in music, but you can apply it to life as well. I fell in love with them because music was presented to me in a way I have never heard before. I heard the most beautiful melodies I had ever heard. I found Coldplay at the right time my life. There was one song that I automatically felt an ins
  15. I had a feeling this was going to happen for the US Stadium tour with the change of stage layout. For a second I thought maybe they would have two different set ups for the US dates and the rest of the tour dates over seas. But I guess not. The current stage layout doesn't really seem unique. Its pretty much the same as the Mylo stadium tour. What happened to the mock up we saw in the behind the scenes Super Bowl videos? That stage set up looked pretty cool. Just wish they would have changed it up a bit with the layout.
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