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  1. YOU ASS :lol: hmm... ive never thought about it, is that song about sex? :lol: :o oh dear. what a horrible song... settle love! :lol:
  2. ^ ouch! man Saturday mornings used to be good. good cartoons, good music video shows. now tis shitty. nobody cares about car races or business reviews :(
  3. by the way, Jonathon is a hot name. at least your not called Bonnie :(
  4. whoa, i posted in that thread... i dont even remember doing it XD i sounded like such a tool (still do :P ) haha i remember when your name was sniggirb. sniggir-b... :lol: is that how u pronounced it?
  5. bonabon

    4 seconds

    haha thats crazy!
  6. its because the main sex fiends/offenders dont post so often here anymore :( QUESTION: i was just remembering how my friend lost her virginity to Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah, and how everyone plus her thought it was hilarious and soo cheesy (dont worry, i love the song :P ). :lol: so ppl, did you lose your virginity to a song. if so, what to? AHAHAHAHA!!! man i just remembered how much chris015 spammed in here. and everyone wanted to shoot him :lol:
  7. haha ive used that before too XD im hetero, of course i had little crushes on a couple of my female friends when i was 14-15 but im over that now and im not attracted to girls. i hate it when girls say they dont check out (and remark on) other chicks and their bodies (thats sounds seedier than it is lol), because its so true! i do heaps :P why wouldnt you admire an aesthetically-pleasing person? damn homophobes. my old boss was a homophobe. im glad i got fired :lol:
  8. bonabon


    godammit, i was excited for a second :lol:
  9. bonabon


    i seem to remember you as a Jeff Buckley fan cause i remember you had his pic as your avatar for heaps long. :cheesy:
  10. its been almost a week since its been out and i havent got it :( due to lazyness. though i went out yesterday, but the 2 CD shops in my neighbourhood didnt have any at the moment... il look tomorrow... im seeing him at the Metro on the 20th of April! yay! anyone else seeing him?
  11. ^ AHHAHAHA!!!!!!!! :lol: that was beautiful :lol:
  12. hee hee! of course :P what can i say? :wink3: lol i love the way this thread is going, even if it isnt entirely dedicated to me :P yeh im more against smoking now. i used to sort of, but then i realised its pointless. i do admit, i sometimes do it when drunk, but can you blame me? we're all idiots when drunk... XD whenever i do, when i wake up in the morning with a sore throat i fully regret it. idiot. XD i have a friend whos a smoker, but even though she is addicted, she uses it as a "cool" thing which i absolutely hate. so whenever i hang around with her now, i make it a rule for
  13. hello StarsKay! lol yes, who can resist my charming turkey? sucks about the spam, but at least its gone now :D yay! another aussie. im from sydney, how about you? hey Tracie! lol those clubs keep on popping up dont they :P and i see some new "dedication" threads :( they're still getting churned out i see :( yes i cant wait till their next album, whenever that may be! that'll probably make me obsessed with this place again like it did last time lol. wow that was like 1 and a half years ago. doesnt feel that long :o
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