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  1. I am totally blind, what is Coldplay related on that photo, please ?
  2. https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/coldplay-everyday-life-album-review
  3. That means we are getting another album in 2020 or what ? I dont see any reason why they won´t do big Tour for this album expect they have another album in their minds already.
  4. Live performance on November 2nd at Saturday Night Live. Can´t wait !!!
  5. Guys i have a question. Double album means that the 2nd half will be the "poppy" one that was supposed to be released in 2020 : Or they will release another album in 2020 and Tour will start after that ?
  6. I RAN AWAY i will be really pleased if you could do this for me (and for others as well) !!!
  7. Hi my dear friends ! Could i somewhere download all(or most of) Coldplay B-sides tracks ? I was not able to find any site offering this :-(
  8. Okey okey :-) And one /hope last/ more question.... When i will buy Collectors tickets, they deliver them to my address and when i will go to the concert, it will be enough to have them(Collector tickets) and i get to the stadium or I must have paper tickets with me too ?
  9. Thank you ! So there´s no difference in price or something like that, is it ?
  10. Hello my friends, does anyone know some place/shop where to buy Chris new shoes which were designed by his son ? THANK YOU SO MUCH
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