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  1. Just heard that 2nd version of song on Youtube. What i dont like is that the part ,,my heart is beating..." was ommited, but on the other hand, last minute is better with great Jonnys guitar
  2. I think MOTS is on par with AHFOD. It has definitely better production, but on the other side, MOTS feels just like a collection of songs that band recorded over time and decided to put together on one album. Album is not cohesive, most songs feels out of place. Chris vocals are fantastic ( i will not comment Biutyful, really hate this type of vocals/music), but what bothers me is that the other members of band are really left behind on MOTS. Apart from Coloratura/ Humankind / POTP Jonny's contribution is almost non-existent. Guy's bass is very casual throughout album. But the biggest problem
  3. Jesus, they really fuc*ed up album version of POTP, it is totally soulless
  4. i got that impression too, Chris vocals sounded too perfect
  5. Really curious how will studio version sound, hoping it is not overproduced.
  6. I guess Chris really meant it when he said that they would be full of surprises from then, what a great song Coloratura is.
  7. Jesus, that BTS collab sounds terrible in trailer. On the other hand, Humankind, POTP and Coloratura really catch my ear. Not so sure about Let Somebody Go and Biutyful. Overall, i would say that album could be better than AHFOD, but i don´t really expect something like their older stuff in terms of quality.
  8. A source told MailOnline: 'Coldplay have been planning this performance for months' It really seems that Higher Power is going to be second Paradise in terms of popularity, or at least they think this way.
  9. https://www.thelineofbestfit.com/reviews/albums/coldplay-everyday-life-album-review
  10. That means we are getting another album in 2020 or what ? I dont see any reason why they won´t do big Tour for this album expect they have another album in their minds already.
  11. Live performance on November 2nd at Saturday Night Live. Can´t wait !!!
  12. Guys i have a question. Double album means that the 2nd half will be the "poppy" one that was supposed to be released in 2020 : Or they will release another album in 2020 and Tour will start after that ?
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