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  1. I just received my secret santa package all the way from Bratislava, Slovakia! Thank you so much Natália (@Nutty loves Coldplay) I love everything! There were some chocolates, peanut and coffee wafers, dried apples, a Slovakia pen, confetti from 3 different concerts (2008 Vienna, 2012 Prague, 2017 Vienna), and a very beautiful card. Thanks Natália, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope all the best for you this new year! ❤️
  2. I’m so glad it arrived and I hope finals went well! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! ❤️
  3. Ok I have just sent mine today but it should get there fairly quickly! I love seeing the posts of Secret Santa gifts that have already arrived! :)
  4. I'm definitely looking forward to what "surprises" they may come out with. I also think that the media is portraying them wrong by saying this is their last hurrah. I mean if we look at the success of the AHFOD (3rd highest grossing tour of all time and attended by over 5 million people) there's no way they're done. I agree with what was said before about maybe they would create their own label as now they're free. Super excited for the future of the band and their fan base as well!
  5. I think it's safe to say that was one of the best concerts...ever! I'm so grateful for my seats and for the unforgettable experience Coldplay gave me (two years in a row)! I'm so happy that Coldplay has brought so many people together through their amazing and inspiring music and message! Here are some photos from the best night of my life (my videos won't upload for some reason):
  6. Thanks, Sue! Sorry I missed you, I was looking for the booth but I couldn't find it! Soldier Field is huge! During Everglow, Chris was basically talking about how out of all of the concerts they have, it only rains in Chicago! He also had his speech about how we should all send and spread love to other places around the world like Charlottesville, Barcelona, Venezuela, etc. I thought the stream was better quality but I guess not. Some of the videos I shared on my twitter (@squirly7) were better quality but I'll make sure to post more in the coming days!
  7. Hey @iamsue I'm here but I'm not sure where the Global Citizen Booth is?
  8. Hi! I'll be at Coldplay Chicago as well and totally hope to meet up with other Coldplayers! Let me know, Sue, where your seat for GC is as well!
  9. Tonight I've been jumping to "Charlie Brown" and looking forward to doing the same with other Coldplayers when I see them in 13 days!
  10. My First Coldplay Concert: July 23, 2016, Chicago, IL, Soldier Field, Weather: hurricane-like storms Let me start by saying that the first ever Coldplay show that I went to was on July 23, 2016 and it was fate! I've been a Coldplay fan my entire life (literally) as my bedtime music was Parachutes! I had never been to a Coldplay concert and I was surprised with absolutely AMAZING tickets on that day! I wanted to go to the concert so badly and I was so sad that I couldn't but that surprise made me burst into tears! Okay, now for the actual show. This was the concert with the rain delay so the opening acts did not play and the setlist was cut short to 19 songs, but it was still incredible! Before the concert had even started, we met some fellow fans around us and we talked about all of our favorite songs and little did we know, we all sang and danced together the entire concert! I'm so proud to be a Coldplayer and a Coldplay fan as I feel they have this power to connect their fans with them and bring us all together with a sense of unity and love. When they came out with A Head Full of Dreams I actually started crying and I was amazed at both the energy and glorious sound that surrounded all of Soldier Field and at that moment I could not be any happier, my dream had come true! The setlist went A Head Full of Dreams, then Yellow, and then a surprise Sweet Home Chicago!, then Every teardrop is a Waterfall, The Scientist, Birds, Paradise (with Tiesto remix), and on the B-Stage, Always in My Head, Princess of China, Everglow, and back on A-Stage, Clocks, Midnight, Charlie Brown, Hymn for the Weekend, Fix You, Heroes, Viva la Vida, Adventure of a Lifetime, and they ended with A Sky Full of Stars. When Yellow came on, the entire stadium lit up yellow and a huge roar could be heard and that only made me smile bigger. Chris then whipped out his guitar and we all sang Sweet Home Chicago and let me tell you, that was the best version that I had ever heard in my life! Then Chris ran up and down the ramp, dancing and singing with all of us and of course the confetti and fireworks bursted and it was the most magical experience of my life. Then Chris changed shirts and prepared for the B-Stage. When they moved to the B-Stage, I saw myself on the projector and that was cool, but not as cool as the rest of the songs on the B-stage where I heard one of my favorites, Always in My Head, and it was sung beautifully! When they came back to the A-Stage, Clocks came on and so did the tears again! When Fix You came on, Chris collapsed on the top of the ramp and sang half of the song and it was the most peaceful, alluring version that I had ever heard, and it really spoke to me. When Adventure of a Lifetime came on, I thought I had no more energy because of all the singing and dancing that I did for every song but oh how Jonny brought the melody, I was jumping so high! By this time, the rain was pouring but it w as one of the most beautiful sights as you could see the flashing lights of all of the xylobands and Chris having the time of his life directly in front of me, we were dancing in the rain and at that point, I don't think I have ever been happier! He then apologized and went to talk to I think was the stage director and said they could play 1 more song (A Sky Full of Stars) but was a little disappointed that they didn't play Up and Up but nevertheless, I was watching Coldplay and there is literally nothing more I could ask for! Now I will never hear A Sky Full of Stars the same ever again as there was so much life and pure heart sung into it that of course I cried again, and it made me forget how soaking wet I was but that was ok because so was everyone else, I think Will was too! Once they finished, Chris, Jonny, Guy, and Will all came out and took their bows but quickly ran off stage, and their instruments were covered because it was absolutely pouring by that point! We had to walk home in the rain but that smile never came off my face, and that smile is back on my face now as I write this! I would first of all like to thank Coldplay for a true Adventure of a Lifetime and one day that I will never ever forget. Also, I would like to thank you for reading all of this and also Coldplaying for allowing me to connect with fans all around the world and share my love for these 4 guys (5 w/Phil), all brought together because of one absolutely amazing group. Here I've attached some of my favorite pictures from that night, since the videos don't seem to be able to attach.
  11. @iamsue This lovely present has made me so happy and I love every single piece of it! Thank you so much and I will be sending a thank you to you soon! <3
  12. @iamsue My parcel has just arrived this morning and you should have seen the huge smile on my face! I can't believe we were at the same Coldplay show! Thank you so much, Sue, this has made me soooooo happy! I will post the pictures tonight! ❤️
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