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  1. Has anyone watched 'Live at the Apollo' recently and seen Nish Kumar's sketch about Will Champion?. He says he wants to be the drummer from Coldplay coz no one knows who he is, he sits down and he gets paid the same [emoji23]
  2. U think the albums have anything to do with William Blake's poetry collection 'Songs of innocence and experience'?
  3. My favourite coldplay album is AROBTTH and AM kinda reminded me of that coz of the B&W art, the heavy guitar amd lyrics about relationships
  4. Do I wanna know? - Arctic Monkeys
  5. My favourite is probably 505 but love AM album [emoji108]
  6. R u mine? - Arctic Monkeys Anyone else an Arctic Monkeys fan alongside Coldplay?
  7. Star Wars TLJ - Amazing effects and visuals were the best part of this film as the plot was a let-down really - 5/10
  8. Memento - Bloody brilliant film from one of the best directors: Christopher Nolan. The non linear narrative ties in exceptionally with the characters amnesia. Experimental film noir/ thriller with the narrative working backwards. Brilliant screen-writing. 10/10
  9. Check out the facebook page 'Chris Martin Updates'. There's a clip of him in Modern Family on there.
  10. U can get alot of good coldplay design shirts from redbubble.com [emoji106]
  11. A Rush Of Blood To The Head (Letter 'A' at the start of title)
  12. Birds ("Birds go flying at the speed of sound")
  13. The World Turned Upside Down (Has 'lost' in the lyrics - "A little boy lost in a breaking storm")
  14. Don't Panic (Also opening song for an album)
  15. Very random, but seems fitting with the theme - Anyone else think that the start of Rainy Day sounds like something from Super Mario? [emoji23]
  16. Yea I agree with you there [emoji108]
  17. Seen it and recommend it but not great ending - No spoilers [emoji38]
  18. Anyone wonder why the song 42 is called 42? Similarly, I also wonder why 1.36 is called 1.36 also
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