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  1. Yeah people like it but not often in gushing terms the way they love 'Clocks' or 'Politik'
  2. I've included some of the b-sides as well... :D Parachutes Over-rated: Yellow, Under-rated: Sparks, We Never Change, Careful Where You Stand AROBTTH Over-rated: Clocks, Politik Under-rated: One I Love, Green Eyes, AROBTTH X&Y Over-rated: Gravity, Fix You Under-rated: Twisted Logic, How You See The World No. 2 VLVODAAHF Over-rated: Lost! Under-rated: Postcards From Far Away, Prospekt's March / Poppyfields, Glass of Water, The Goldrush MX Over-rated: Up In Flames, Under-rated: Hurts Like Heaven, Major Minus, Up With The Birds (Live2012 version) GS Over-rate
  3. To move this thread along and get more people playing I reckon we should automatically move on to the next letter after we've named a set number of bands, say 15? I'll get "D" started... The Doolittle Band
  4. I'll go with the more catchy (and danceable)... Bodysnatchers vs 15 Step
  5. 15 - Things I Don't Understand 11 - Proof 7 - The World Turned Upside Down 6 - Pour Me (-) 14 - Gravity 10 - Sleeping Sun 9 - How You See The World 8 - How You See The World No.2 (+)
  6. They all went to uni... That's pretty brain(y) to me.. :laugh3: Anchovies
  7. That was a great interview ! I was very impressed by the depth of questions. I'm sure Marcus Haney enjoyed that aspect of it :D Your interview really gives us some insight into the person...
  8. Fancy that it should be Elmo! That so fits... :D
  9. Funny that... My hubby says the same thing, that their early output sounds depressing and hopeless :laugh3: I have never felt that - I certainly felt the darkness, but within all that there was always acceptance and validation, and hope! Faint, but hope nevertheless :) Although not every song is hopeful - this might be why I tend to listen to their early work in a run eg whole albums / bsides from an era... You find it too depressing but I find the melancholy eventually balances out with hope :D we live in a beautiful world... I saw sparks... Don't you shiver... But they can't touch you, n
  10. Not to agree nor to disagree, but I just wanted to give you a :thumbsup: for your detailed and considered analysis - I really like that aspect of your post... It certainly gives me a different way of looking at and hearing the songs on :mx:!
  11. I found them when I was in my 'whining' / sad stage so Parachutes was perfect and exactly what I needed. I've outgrown that also although still do have down times / periods of introspection like everyone else. Tbh, I haven't listened to this album in awhile but even thinking about the songs and playing them in my head relaxes me... The tension just releases! :nice:
  12. gentleparachute


    What do you guys think about the 'two' guitar solos? I initially thought they sandwiched either side of the chorus, but now I'm not so sure... The first guitar passage spanning 3:19 - 4:05 may actually contain both the solos within it, the first from 3:19 sounds more like Noel (the muscular attack on every note and lack of clarity do not sound like Jonny to me) and the second from 3:43 sounds like Jonny's floating dynamic guitar-playing to my ears. And similarly the second guitar passage from 4:53 probably has them both 'dueling' it out with a call and response pattern
  13. I like it as a nice, relaxing chill-out album... When I need some introspective, relaxing time alone. It reassures me psychologically - all their music does, but Parachutes really feels like an extra nice, warm hug! I just hear the opening chords of Don't Panic, and away I go :) My heart just opens up and melts :heart:
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