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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV4e6mQXxkg I did a lot of post-processing and took me a lot to render
  2. Thanks! I have the Speed of Sound behind the scenes but the quality is not good. So maybe i’ll wait until you post a better version.
  3. I saw the other day some instagram stories that you were digitising old tapes. Did you get them from EMI? And if you are going to release some of them. And my other question is how much people are behind coldplaying (social media)
  4. Here is another source that i recorded:
  5. Decode: And I wont fall, I wont fall below I wont fall, the colours all explode
  6. Also if he or she has the race, i would die to hear "a ghost" or "deserter" :(
  7. Yes, but why only Bitcoin? If you are a normal guy you can offer other type like Paypal or some sort of web transfer money Edit: My question is, Why the website is down? And it says "SONGS WILL BE SOLD ONCE", that's rare
  8. Their emails are dead: [email protected] com and [email protected] .com as the server too. There's two ways i think: 1. He or she is a troll 2. Maybe true or maybe a scam. He has Bitcoin payment so you know that once you pay, you won't see the money again. So if it's true, you know it's illegal but who cares
  9. He is from Germany i think, at least https://snookermusic.io/ is from there
  10. You can still go to that web, use this link: http://web.archive.org/web/20191212112100/https://snookermusic.io/ Also, you can listen to the "demos" that were uploaded there. Trying to catch something in the code.
  11. Hey guys, "dGhlIHJhY2UgZm9yIHRoZSByYWNlIC8vIHNub29rZXJtdXNpYy5pbw" means: the race for the race // snookermusic.io It's basically Base64 and you can decode from any website. I used to make encrypted things with that, and also MD5. Pretty usefull things but they're old.
  12. Hey there, that video is from "2 meter sessies". It's already on youtube: - No idea about the others, but pretty sure that they are live common versions or just the official video
  13. Aw thanks! And yes, i have the entire SNL show from Coldplay. Send me a private message
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