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  1. The show is available here, don't know if someone has watched or downloaded it 😄 BBC iPlayer - Radio 1’s Big Weekend - 2021: Coldplay
  2. Hello? Can I have the violin sheet of Viva la vida? (I saw you on a post about it). Thank you!

  3. Hello! Today I come across a video of Yellow This video recorded how the band play the song in studio. Trying to search for Coldplay keyword, I find some of their songs available in this website reelinintheyears.com The site can provide footage for documentation but refuse for fan purpose. Can anyone try to figure how we can get those footages?
  4. Can you give an example? I don't think youtube can recognize a cover version.
  5. A stupid question: is it possible to find contact of those string players? I find that the band rarely have an orchestra team to play backing string track, and this is a good chance to ask those lucky players for the official sheet from the band. I just love the strings part so much.
  6. I totally agree with you, love that intro. I also love the Yellow performance 2012 in Paris. A sky full of stars (Ghost stories live 2014) is great
  7. can you share or send me your mp9000 sample?
  8. Damn it, I've been trying to find the acoustic version of HFTW for year! The piano and Chris voice are damn sexy! Just hope there is a full performance.
  9. wow that's totally amazing, it seems that Chris play differently between two hands to make the piano sound full and rich. You can see the same thing in Viva la Vida above, his two hands are in different rhythm.
  10. I love this Viva la vida Piano tutorial for acoustic version:
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