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  1. Thread revival! Can anyone tell me if there is a digipak version of Talk in white or was it only available in the slim jewel case?
  2. Moses on guitar. The only reason I bought a slide!
  3. Everyone's pics and videos put me right back there in Wembley! Goosebumps.
  4. I've heard both versions of Lovers in Japan many times (not back to back) and never been able to tell the difference between them.
  5. Top work! It seemed like they played it for longer last night when it was happening live. It was painful listening. My reaction was the same as Will's - "WTF this doesn't sound right at all!"
  6. The lads have TOO many songs to choose from these days. For a gig like Glasto they HAVE to play the most famous "classics" and blend them in with a load of the new stuff.
  7. Barry Gibb seemed a random pick to be special guest but I have just remembered his link to Coldplay..... This may be tenuous but back when X&Y first came out Chris would always say Fix You was their way of topping the Bee Gees by having the band do 4 way harmonies!
  8. Yes. Although I am watching in a dark room because it's dark there! XD
  9. Poor guys. That was a little embarrassing. Nice to get an acoustic Everglow though.
  10. Firstly a lovely pic of the rainbow dust thingy. Annoyed I didn't get my phone out quick enough to capture it myself! I sat in the lower level unreserved on Sunday and agree with you about how COMPLETELY different the experience is. You get a great overall view of the show - the pyrotechnics, confetti, LED balls, a sea of xylobands across the whole stadium etc. (I was quite amazed about how much of "the show" I missed whilst standing the night before). It really was a glorious spectacle, but most of the fans tend to be slightly more casual, not necessarily knowing every track. Overall I
  11. Agreed. It's a classic and a nice treat for the long time fans.
  12. The abridged version of Chris' story: His younger (by 2 years) brother is really into heavy metal and after the first Wembley show said " You can't play that song again. It's too slow. It's a b-side from BEFORE your first album that no-one remembers or cares about." Following this they dropped it for 2 nights but decided to play it for the final show.
  13. So nice to hear See you soon tonight. Sorry Chris' brother [emoji14]
  14. Yeah i nearly went for seated yesterday but decided to be in the thick of it [emoji2] Everyone down there was singing along throughout
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