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  1. I made this cover with all planets shown in the American Idol performance...
  2. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but FFTF 2024 means Fit For The Future, it is an environmental campaign that Coldplay is linked. It starts in 2021 and ends in 2024.
  3. Chris will surely bring us at least two songs inspired by pandemic...
  4. I was thinking that U.F.O that Chris mentioned could be related to the outro that can be heard from minute 2:00 in the song U.F.O by Mylo Xyloto 🤔
  5. I agree. I am currently hooked on the sound of "After Hours" n' "Future Nostalgia". It would be great if Coldplay follow the same atmosphere. It could be a bonded success... and maybe The Race will find an album that fits...
  6. I'm sorry for my english... but i have a theory... And... I thing that I have evidence that MOTS will be a part 2 of Mylo Xyloto. The neon colors and the space theme fit very well as a sequel to this album. Let me explain: In the Mylo Xyloto's comic there are some vignettes (passages) as well as characters that refer to the name of the songs, for example: Aiko (unreleased song) Major Minus, Us Against the World, Car Kids (another unreleased song). Now from what I see they just registered the trademark 'Mylo' which is the name of the boy that appears at the end of the video "Hurts Like
  7. Ohhh I got it. Sorry for the exaltation. I didn't know about that. I found it curious that it appeared on the same site. Cause it's the same website where they leaked the lyrica of The Race 😅
  8. Guys, Music of the Spheres lyrics has leaked? https://www.lyrics.com/sublyric/92760/Coldplay/Music+of+the+Spheres
  9. I'm start to suspect that LP9's delay is due to the "Music of the Spheres" trademark property claim
  10. 😞 Hi guys, I know we expected some update or official announcement about LP9 but unfortunately it was not like that ... Some time ago I made a design based on the Everyday Life booklet, surely you saw it somewhere else ... but I wanted to add a couple of things and I got this, I hope you like it. 😄
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