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  1. Something is coming on July 20, probably a new single. I can't confirm anything but it fits somewhere with the full moon on the official website and the FFTF 2024. 😨😵
  2. Guys, will there be a demo of On My Way Home?
  3. Maybe we have the first single at the end of July or maybe before... And we have the album in August or September
  4. I made that Tracklist too.. based on Making of GS haha
  5. Car Kids has remained a total mystery until now! We don't know anything about your lyrics, its rhythm, its chords ... nothing!
  6. Guys, before all the trend that is now being pronounced by the LP9 and the update of the social networks of Coldplay ... I improved a bit the design I did earlier for the MOTS cover based on the EL announcement...
  7. I don't know if they said it before, But apparently Music of The Spheres will be an album with a special occasion for Coldplay's 24th Anniversary. Maybe it is the album in which they release songs that didn't touch the light during those years. A compilation of songs from past eras that were not published. Perhaps that also relates to the FFTF, which could mean: "Finished From the Fans". Remember that Will once said that you have a huge, extensive archive of unreleased material
  8. Maybe the 24th Anniversary of Coldplay?
  9. Yes, it is... Saturn belongs to AHFOD artwork
  10. I was thinking same, but there is something that intrigues me: it is that the sound quality of the harmonies of the first fragment of the film in this piece is better, and it coincides with the drums that are heard in the second fragment. But the notes that Chris sings at the beginning and that strange emptiness when going to the 'choir' I think it is a space to put some transition effect. There is a possibility that The Race is not yet finished.
  11. Wow this piece sounds fuller. (I mean the harmonies and instruments) And I think it's good news if I say it has a more present space atmosphere (Music of the Spheres)...
  12. Do you think something happens tomorrow?
  13. Ahhh... here we go again....
  14. Hello, it was I who uploaded this image .. I originally uploaded it to the Facebook group ... The album cover is probably totally different from what is shown in the Everyday Life booklet Here I leave the image in good quality:
  15. Please someone to tell me that I am wrong and that if it is possible to get the song very soon :oops::oops:
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