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  1. uhu.. he's back! i missed you tooo :kiss: look at youre thread! it just keeps getting bigger and bigger :o
  2. Redundancy


    I know! always asked about you whenever i spoke to the few Coldplayers i have left on msn.. well.. where do i start? kinda crappy really.. lots of nasty stuff been going on lately :/ what about you? hows everything? like.. everything!!!! fill me up!
  3. Hello guys! How's everyone? hope all is well.. As i see everyone knows about the new amazing single and album but i thought i should add to that so.. here you go, straight from my email account. Sigur Rós will be releasing their new album worldwide the week of June 23. It is called Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. You can download the first track "Gobbledigook" and watch the video right now on SigurRos.com. This is the official announcement sent out by the record labels today… Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (English spelling: Med sud i eyrum vid spilum endalaust
  4. Wow.. Lore just told me over msn that i got a b-day thread and i just had to come check it out. havent been here in ages. im still kinda shocked cause i really didnt expect this but oh my, thank you so much guys! hope everyone is well and happy and everything is going fine. well ive gotta get going, going out with some friends for a drink(or 10) to celebrate. hope ill get myself to come back here some day.. really miss you guys. well, take care. and thanks again :)
  5. Well since im already here :p Helloooooo my dear fellow Sigur Ros fans!!! hope everyone is well! thanks for Von and Salka btw Jan, Salka is stunning. i keep listening to it all the time. ^and thanks for the news there :) keep the love alive, and take care. :kiss:
  6. Logged again just to wish you a happy birthday ;) So happy birthday!! have a great one! P.S: hello peeps :kiss:
  7. Well.. my last post on the best thread on this messageboard since im leaving for good. You people here are my favourite in this place and im counting on you to keep the Sigur Ros love alive around here! and make sure to spread it as much as you can, Sigur Ros is gonna take over the world one day ;) Your wonderful and beautiful and I love you all, take care for me :) Will Sigur Ros rock!
  8. well since there's already a thread like this.. so yeah, im done with coldplaying guys, so take care and have a nice life. thanks for the great times :kiss:
  9. Bye bye Coldplaying... lets hope someone keeps the Sigur Ros love alive around here.
  10. massive Sigur Ros pictures post some pics from morgunblaðið newspaper in 1999: glueing together the first ágætis byrjun copies my new personal favourite :laugh4: is he giving that cop the finger? :laugh4: woot! Thom yorke and Jonsi! 2 geniuses in one picture from the Vidrar video jonsi in the day of recording ( ) when he realized he forgot to write the lyrics for the songs :rolleyes:
  11. Thank you for that :) Placebo are Genius!
  12. weehee just ordered a copy of In a Frozen Sea: A Year with Sigur Ros :dance: for those who dont know what it is, "In a Frozen Sea follows Sigur Ros through their native Iceland, during the Takk world tour. Tracking over the Icelandic countryside, A+R captured exclusive photographs, interviews, and a unique insight into the band. The result of this endeavor; a thirty-two page publication of never before seen photographs, observations and quotes that captures the band in their words, in their world. Encased in 12" x 12" vinyl jacket, In a Frozen Sea: A Year with Sigur Ros, is a collector's item
  13. Cause im a Creep, i dont belong there...
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