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  1. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/movies/la-fi-0412-ct-hunger-games-20120412,0,5926809.story 'Catching Fire' should still do well despite any sequel following the original movie often falling short of the expectation of many, i.e. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I guess we shall wait and see!
  2. A fellow coworker brought the book in today after hearing me ramble on about it a few weeks ago. She started reading it yesterday and already is halfway through the book, and is already planning on getting the trilogy as she already finds it quite addictive. I guess that's a long way if saying that once you've gotten around to reading it, don't make any other plans for the rest of the day! ;-)
  3. That's wonderful to hear! In the past week, 3 others I know have started reading the trilogy and they are constantly raving about it. Just what I want to hear :-) That was arguably my favourite part of the first book: Peeta revealing his love for Katniss. Love it! Too bad Rue had to die; I would've loved her character to persist a little longer though I'm being selfish as her sad and sudden death was pivotal in the rising revolts. I got to say, Suzanne Collins has a great imagination!
  4. Oh that's fantastic! Now you should see the movie and now I can say it won't disappoint (and also doesn't overlap in anyway whatsoever with the second book). I can already see you buying the final book right after you've finished the second one as that part in the story leaves you not only shocked but unbelievably hungry for more (pun intended, haha:D). When Rue is killed, wow, I knew it was coming but still fairly intense moment. Totally could hear a pin drop in the cinema theatre.
  5. I agree; Jennifer Lawrence was perfect for the lead. I'm eager to see who they expect to play the other characters mentioned in the following books. News is Zack Efron may be casted as Finnick (something which conflicts with how I've imagine him to be as based on the character's description in the book, i.e. older than Katniss but younger than Haymitch). It's speculation but either way I'm excited for the second installment! Haha you sound like I was when reading the first book - completely hooked and totally unwilling to rest till it was over. Just wait till you get stuck into the 2nd boo
  6. I second many of these, especially 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' trilogy. Also my favorite classic, 'Wuthering Heights'. Further, the 'A Song of Fire and Ice' series of which the 'Game of Thrones' tv series is based.
  7. At least you didn't leave empty-haned! You'll find, after reading the book, all the little things that the movie did differently to the book but maybe find that it didn't really matter in the end as they seemed to have covered all the relevant bits well! Anyway hope you enjoy the book. I've been reading around about a director's cut of the film. I'd love to see that, especially the killing scenes as it plays the centrol theme in the story (I know it's morbid but I would really prefer the gruesome killing scenes, for instance at the cornicopia). Also, had anyone else heard they talk of ma
  8. Absolutely get it. You won't regret it! If the trilogy is there, probably get that instead as you'll be done with the first book in no time ;-) The part of the story where she feeds Peeta in the cave, well without having given him sleeping syrup and instead leaving when he was asleep in the movie, I don't think the viewers have lost anything as the important part (i.e. her feeding and staying with him in the cave) will be recalled in the final installment fairly easily without the minor detail of how she left him to get his medicine. I do agree that it wasn't absolutely necessary to
  9. True, but I'm sure that won't stop the vast majority from purchasing an electronic copy as well. For myself, however, I am part of the few people walking this Earth who has yet to read the entire series, and would prefer to do so with the ease and convenience of the Kindle version.
  10. The Harry Potter series is now available from Amazon via the Pottermore website as of today! So for those with Kindles, get clicking. Finally, they took forever to make the electronic version available. But either way, I'm happy :-)
  11. Thank goodness someone recommended Sigur Ros! They are heaven in music form!
  12. I just came this and really, it is just ridiculous. They may delete their accounts but their stupidity (or ignorance rather, I'll give some the benefit of doubt) will live forever in cyberspace. I think the casting of Rue was spot on. She played the role perfectly! @rainplay, I would've really liked the moviemakers to have included a lot of what you revealed in the spoiler, specifically about her impairment as it would've shown how powerful and capable the Captiol is. Wow, I'm way to into this :rolleyes:
  13. Amazing. I cannot wait for the release of this album. It reflects a lot of their work prior to Takk which is simply beautiful.
  14. For those who have read the book or the entire trilogy, I hope the first movie lived up to your expectations. It certainly did for me :D Cannot wait now for 'Catching Fire', which it is clear now, is spreading :D
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