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  1. So 2020 has been a year huh? Due to this I haven't had much time/motivation to even pick up my guitar. It was only last night whilst visiting some very nice elderly neighbours that I regained some drive to finally restring my poor neglected instrument. Anyways, I'll be jumping back into tabbing Coldplay songs. I also plan to re-format the original post too because, well, it looks s**t (damn you good-looking website updates!) After reformatting, I'll start with writing down the tab for the Speed of Sound MX tour acoustic ver. since that's where my heart is at rn. See you soon πŸ™‚
  2. https://equipboard.com/pros/jonny-buckland-coldplay Maybe this will help? It might be listed here.
  3. Just joined the discord because of this gif. It's the quality content that I need in my life. :laughing:
  4. Troll or tease, this is a fun mystery to watch unravel. :D
  5. ADDED TABS: -Church Was confused for a while with the mistake in the booklet (they incorrectly listed the capo position) but eventually I got it. I want to double check the picking pattern when I have time and come up with an alternative version that can be strummed, but for now that's it. Enjoy.
  6. ADDED TABS: -Guns Guns was hard to work out but is so much fun to play. If anybody posts a cover, please send me a link. I'd love to hear it. I've also started Old Friends, Eko and Church.
  7. Made a single cover in photoshop. Feel free to use it! :D
  8. Haha, hint taken. Don't worry, I plan on doing most of the new album. I actually wanted to work on finishing COTW and start Old Friends + Church today but my string broke and the new ones haven't arrived yet. :(
  9. Wow, you have a lovely voice. Well done mate!
  10. ADDED TABS: -Orphans -Champion of the World (Completed revising) Keep in mind I've tabbed COTW by ear. I will revise it later this week when the band plays live in Jordan.
  11. I think you forgot the link the audio lol
  12. ADDED TABS: -Oceans -Ink (Completed revising) -Parachutes
  13. ADDED REVISED TABS: -Hymn for the Weekend -Miracles (Someone Special) CURRENTLY WRITING: -Parachutes -Us Against the World -Oceans CURRENTLY REVISING: -Ink Thanks. Truthfully your youtube channel is the inspiration behind me writing down and sharing these, so you deserve credit too :D
  14. Taking inspiration from Kapone's tabs thread, here's a thread for Coldplay songs I've tabbed on guitar in my free time. I use audio/video as reference and the knowledge that Chris favours certain chord shapes on acoustic. I'll be adding/updating as I learn more. Read the tabs upwards, with the last line being the 1st string. For example the following would be E Minor, G Major and C Major: 0β€”3β€”0 0β€”0β€”1 0β€”0β€”0 2β€”0β€”2 2β€”2β€”3 0β€”3β€”0 Ones with a '-h-' mean a hammer on and '-p-' mean pull off. Example the following would mean hammer on the 2nd fret then pull off to open: xβ€”β€”β€”x xβ€”β€”β€”x 0h2β€” 2p0 xβ€”β€”β€”x xβ€”β€”β€”x xβ€”β€”β€”x Ones with a '-/-' mean slide. Example, the following is saying to slide from the second fret to the forth fret and back again: xβ€”β€”β€”x xβ€”β€”β€”x 2/4 β€” 4/2 xβ€”β€”β€”x xβ€”β€”β€”x xβ€”β€”β€”x The '-x-' mean to mute/not play that string. Example, with a D Major don't play the 5th and 6th strings: 2 3 2 0 x x For some chords with the 6th string played you can use your thumb to fret it. I find it more comfortable and Chris does this as well. Chords are relative to the capo (if there is one). I want to be as accurate to the recordings/concerts as I can be, so if you have any corrections please feel free to share. Thanks. ───────────────────────────────────────── PARACHUTES | Parachutes Tuning: EADGBE Capo: None Video references: No live video (The chords used in order) xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”xβ€” xβ€”x xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”xβ€” xβ€”x 8β€”4β€”8β€”4β€”2β€”1 9β€”6β€”9β€”6β€”4β€”2 9β€”6β€”9β€”6β€”4β€”2 7β€”4β€”7β€”4β€”2β€”0 In a haze... xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”8β€”xβ€”xβ€”8β€”x xβ€”xβ€”9β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”9β€”xβ€”x 7β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”7 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”x xβ€”xβ€”6β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”6β€”xβ€”x 4β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4 Always... xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”x xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”x 2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”2 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”4β€”x 2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”2 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”1β€”xβ€”xβ€”1β€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”2β€”x 0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0 (Play this instead at the very end) xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”1β€”xβ€”xβ€”1β€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”x 0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”0 Notes: -Unfortunately there's no live video recordings of this song being played. All of this was done by ear with chords Chris likes to use. ───────────────────────────────────────── Us Against the World (Silver Bird Version) | MYLO XYLOTO IN PROGRESS WRITING Tuning: EADF#AE Capo: Fret 3 Video references: Us Against The World (Rock In Rio 2011) Us Against the World Coldplay Us Against The World, Seattle WA 9/23/17 Live In Leipzig (Audio) Oh morning... 0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0 0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0 7β€”7p5β€” 5β€”5h7 7β€”7β€”β€”-7β€”7 7β€”7β€”β€”-7β€”7 5β€”5β€”β€”-5β€”5 Lift off... 0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0 0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0 5β€”5β€”β€”-5β€”5 6β€”6h7β€” 7β€”7p6 7β€”7β€”β€”-7β€”7 0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0 Bring back... 0 0 0 12 12 10 In my heart... ───────────────────────────────────────── Ink | GHOST STORIES Tuning: DGDDAD Capo: Fret 4 Video references: Ink (LIVE in MANILA) | Song for Ken Ink @ Royal Albert Hall - 01 July 2014 Got a tattoo... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 5β€”4β€”2β€”0β€”4β€”5 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”2β€”4 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 xβ€”xβ€”0β€”4β€”2β€”4 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 5β€”4β€”2β€”0β€”9β€”5β€”3 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”7β€”4β€”2 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 xβ€”xβ€”0β€”4β€”7β€”4β€”2 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”0β€”0β€”0 All I know... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”--0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”--0 5β€”4β€”2β€”0β€”4β€”4/2β€”2/4β€”5 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”--0 4β€”2β€”2β€”6β€”2β€”2β€”β€”2β€”--4 5β€”0β€”0β€”7β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”--5 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”4β€”5β€”4β€”5β€”4β€”2β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”2β€”4β€”2β€”4β€”2β€”2β€”6 0β€”0β€”5β€”0β€”5β€”0β€”0β€”7 I see the road... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 9β€”4β€”2β€”4β€”5β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 7β€”2β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”4β€”2β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”7β€”0β€”0β€”0 7β€”2β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”7β€”2β€”2β€”6 0β€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”5β€”0β€”0β€”7 Outro Riff 0β€”2β€”4β€”0β€”2β€”0β€”0β€”0 5β€”5β€”5β€”5β€”5β€”5β€”2β€”5 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x Notes: -Generally try to slide where you can. I advise listening to the recordings to get a feel of it. -Same tuning as Oceans, so might as well learn both! πŸ˜› ───────────────────────────────────────── Oceans | GHOST STORIES Tuning: DGDDAD Capo: Fret 4 Video references: Oceans in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Oceans (Ghost Stories TV Special) Oceans (live) Wait for your.... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 7β€”7β€”7β€”5β€”5 7β€”7β€”7β€”7β€”5 5β€”4β€”3β€”3β€”2 In the rain... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”β€”0β€”0 5β€”5β€”4β€”4/5β€”β€”5β€”5 4β€”3β€”2β€”2/3β€”β€”4β€”3 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”β€”0β€”0 Got to find yourself... 0β€”0 0β€”0 0β€”0 5β€”5 5β€”5 3β€”2 Notes: -The slide in the chorus sometimes is there, sometimes isn't. Just do what you like. -IMO The strumming is the hardest part (no pun intended). He does this finger strum that's up with the flesh and then a flick downwards with the nail. It's feels like one fluid movement. Hard to describe. -I personally use my index finger for the 6th string in this song. Try that if you're struggling with your thumb. ───────────────────────────────────────── Hymn For The Weekend | A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS Tuning: EADGBD Capo: Fret 1 Video references: Chris Martin Performs Coldplay's "Hymn For The Weekend" 10/27/16 - CONAN on TBS Coldplay Live at Nova's Red Room in Sydney (Audio) + Coldplay returned to Nova's Red Room (Video) Chris Martin performs Hymn For The Weekend in the Live Lounge Oh angels sent… (Verse 1) 0β€”0β€”β€”0 3β€”3β€”β€”3 0β€”0h2β€”2 2β€”2β€”β€”0 2β€”0β€”β€”0h2 xβ€”xβ€”β€”x (Transition in-between verse, Live Lounge) xβ€”xβ€”0 xβ€”xβ€”3 xβ€”xβ€”0 xβ€”xβ€”2 xβ€”xβ€”2 3β€”2β€”0 You said β€˜drink from me… 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 7β€”6β€”7β€”4β€”0 9β€”7β€”9β€”5β€”2 9β€”7β€”9β€”5β€”2 7β€”5β€”7β€”3β€”0 When I'm low... 0β€”0 0β€”0 4β€”7 5β€”9 5β€”9 3β€”0 I oh I oh I… (Chorus 1, Conan + Nova) 5β€”4β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”3β€”3β€”0β€”3β€”3 0β€”0β€”2β€”2β€”0β€”2β€”2 0β€”0β€”2β€”0β€”2β€”2β€”0 xβ€”xβ€”0β€”2β€”2β€”0β€”2 3β€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”x 5β€”4β€”2β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”3β€”3β€”0β€”0β€”3β€”0 0β€”0β€”2β€”2β€”2β€”0β€”2β€”7 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”4β€”2β€”2β€”9 xβ€”xβ€”0β€”2β€”4β€”2β€”0β€”9 3β€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”0β€”xβ€”7 I oh I oh I… (Chorus 2, Live Lounge) 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 4β€”6β€”7β€”4 5β€”7β€”9β€”2 5β€”7β€”9β€”2 3β€”5β€”7β€”4 (Solo 1, Conan) 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 8β€”7β€”5β€”7 9β€”7β€”6β€”7 9β€”0β€”7β€”9 7β€”xβ€”7β€”9 0β€”xβ€”5β€”7 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”-x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”-x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”-x 0β€”7β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”-x xβ€”xβ€”9β€”7β€”xβ€”-x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”10β€”0 (Solo 2, Live Lounge) xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”β€”0β€”2β€”0 0β€”0h2--xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”x Oh angels sent… (Verse 2, Live Lounge) 0β€”0β€”0 8β€”5β€”7 7β€”6β€”7 9β€”5β€”7 7β€”7β€”9 xβ€”5β€”7 Notes: -Chris plays it slightly differently in each video. Watch, learn and decide what combination you like the best. ───────────────────────────────────────── Miracles (Someone Special) | KALEIDOSCOPE EP Tuning: EADGBE Capo: Fret 2 Video examples for strumming/timing: Live from Milan 2017/07/04 Live Debut + Miracles (Someone Special) - Live #AHFODfilm special feature (Intro) 0β€”0β€”- 0 0β€”0β€”- 0 6β€”9β€”- 8 7β€”10β€”9 7β€”10β€”9 5β€”9β€”- 7 0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0 4β€”6β€”9 6β€”7β€”10 6β€”7β€”10 4β€”5β€”9 My father said… 0β€”0β€”- 0 0β€”0β€”- 0 6β€”9β€”- 8 7β€”10β€”9 7β€”10β€”9 5β€”9β€”- 7 0β€”-0β€”-0 0β€”-0β€”-0 9β€”-4β€”-2 10β€”6β€”4 10β€”6β€”4 9β€”-4β€”-2 Yeah you could be… (Live) 0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”1β€”1h2β€”1β€”8β€”6β€”4β€”8 2β€”2β€”2β€”β€”2β€”9β€”7β€”6β€”9 2β€”2β€”2β€”β€”2β€”9β€”7β€”6β€”9 0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”7β€”5β€”4β€”7 Yeah you could be… (AHFOD feature) 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 8β€”6β€”2β€”2β€”1β€”1h2β€”1β€”8β€”6β€”4β€”8 9β€”7β€”4β€”2β€”2β€”2β€”β€”2β€”9β€”7β€”6β€”9 9β€”7β€”4β€”2β€”2β€”2β€”β€”2β€”9β€”7β€”6β€”9 7β€”5β€”2β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”7β€”5β€”4β€”7 ───────────────────────────────────────── Church | EVERYDAY LIFE: SUNRISE Tuning: EADGAD Capo: Fret 7 Video references: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunrise Performance (Entire song) 0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”4 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x 0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”5β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”5 xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x Notes: -The album booklet actually has the wrong capo position. It says fret 3 however Chris plays it live on fret 7. ───────────────────────────────────────── Guns | EVERYDAY LIFE: SUNSET Tuning: DADEAE Capo: Fret 3 Video references: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance Maida Vale Studio Session Road to Jordan with Coldplay (Intro) 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x 2β€”3β€”0β€”2β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 3β€”3β€”2β€”2β€”xβ€”0β€”3β€”5β€”3β€”5 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”3β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 Take it from... xβ€”x xβ€”x xβ€”x 0β€”0 3β€”2 0β€”0 All the kids... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”3β€”3β€”3 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 3β€”3β€”2β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 The judgement... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”3β€”0β€”2 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 3β€”3β€”2β€”2 0β€”0β€”0β€”0 Everything's gone... 0β€”--0β€”0β€”-0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”--5β€”0β€”-0β€”5β€”5β€”0 10β€”7β€”5β€”10β€”7β€”7β€”5 0β€”--0β€”0β€”-0β€”0β€”0β€”0 10β€”7β€”5β€”10β€”7β€”7β€”5 9β€”--5β€”0β€”-9β€”5β€”0β€”0 Maybe I'm... 0β€”--0 0β€”--5 10β€”7 0β€”--0 10β€”7 10β€”5 (Outro) xβ€”--xβ€”--xβ€”-xβ€”-xβ€”x xβ€”--xβ€”--xβ€”-xβ€”-xβ€”x xβ€”--xβ€”--xβ€”-xβ€”-xβ€”x 0β€”--0β€”--0β€”-0β€”-xβ€”x 0β€”--0β€”--0β€”-0β€”-xβ€”0 10β€”12β€”10β€”13β€”3β€”0 Notes: -Used the offical EL album booklet for tuning and capo position. -The timing and strumming are the hardest part of this song. Listen to the recordings and try your best. ───────────────────────────────────────── Orphans | EVERYDAY LIFE: SUNSET Tuning: EADGAE Capo: Fret 5 Video references: Orphans (Official Video) Rosaleenβ€…of the Damascene... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”1β€”2β€”1β€”6β€”9 4β€”2β€”4β€”2β€”7β€”11 4β€”2β€”4β€”2β€”7β€”11 2β€”0β€”2β€”0β€”5β€”9 With bombs going boom... 0β€”0 0β€”0 2β€”6 4β€”7 4β€”7 2β€”5 ───────────────────────────────────────── Old Friends | EVERYDAY LIFE: SUNSET IN PROGRESS WRITING Tuning: DADGBE Capo: Fret 3 Video references: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance Road To Jordan with Coldplay Tony was... xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”-xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”-xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”-xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”x 0β€”0h2β€”4β€”xβ€”4β€”0β€”0h2β€”4β€”5β€”4β€”2 0β€”xβ€”β€”-xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”xβ€”β€”-xβ€”0β€”xβ€”0β€”0β€”β€”-0β€”0β€”0β€”0 *see notes Notes: -*Let the last two strings ring out. ───────────────────────────────────────── Champion of the World | EVERYDAY LIFE: SUNSET Tuning: EADEBE Capo: Fret 3 Video references: Everyday Life Live in Jordan - Sunset Performance (Intro) 0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”-0β€”β€”-0β€”0β€”β€”0 0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”-0β€”β€”-0β€”0β€”β€”0 0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”-0β€”β€”-0β€”0β€”β€”0 7p6β€”6β€”7p6β€”6β€”-7p6β€”6β€”7p6β€”6 7β€”β€”7β€”7β€”β€”7β€”-7β€”β€”-7β€”7β€”β€”7 0β€”β€”0β€”0β€”β€”0β€”-0β€”β€”-0β€”0β€”β€”0 *see notes 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 2β€”4β€”2β€”4β€”5β€”7β€”5 4β€”6β€”4β€”6β€”7β€”9β€”7 4β€”6β€”4β€”6β€”7β€”9β€”7 2β€”4β€”2β€”4β€”5β€”7β€”5 I tried my best... 0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0 0β€”7β€”5 6β€”9β€”7 7β€”9β€”7 0β€”7β€”5 * Still the sign... 0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0 0β€”2β€”5 6β€”4β€”7 7β€”4β€”7 0β€”2β€”5 * When I sail... 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”--0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”--0 5β€”7β€”0β€”0β€”--7 7β€”9β€”11β€”6β€”9 7β€”9β€”11β€”7β€”9 5β€”7β€”9β€”0β€”--7 I wandered the whole... 0β€”0 0β€”0 5β€”7 7β€”9 7β€”9 5β€”7 (Outro) 0β€”xβ€”xβ€”x β€”xβ€”0β€” xβ€”xβ€” x 0β€”xβ€”xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”0β€” xβ€”xβ€” x 0β€”xβ€”xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”2β€” xβ€”xβ€” x 2β€”4β€”6β€”4β€”2β€”4β€”4β€”6β€”4 2β€”xβ€”xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”4β€” xβ€”xβ€” x 0β€”xβ€”xβ€” xβ€”xβ€”2β€” xβ€”xβ€” x Bonus: Otuto Nke Chukwu intro riff xβ€”β€”4β€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”β€”xβ€”x 4h5β€”xβ€”5β€”4h5β€”--2β€”0β€”0h1p0β€”xβ€”β€”β€”β€”xβ€”x xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”0h2/4β€” 4/2β€”x xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”β€”xβ€”1/2 xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”β€”xβ€”x xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”xβ€”xβ€”β€”β€”β€”xβ€”x Notes: -*These pull offs appear a lot throughout the song. To avoid writing it again I will instead just use a * underneath to indicate it. -Used the offical EL album booklet for tuning and capo position. ───────────────────────────────────────── [spoiler=Template // PLEASE IGNORE] IN PROGRESS WRITING UNDER REVISION Tuning: TEXT Capo: TEXT Video references: TEXT 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0β€”0 Notes: -
  15. Sounds likes one of those ambient tracks they had in the background of LIVE 2012 and A Head Full Of Dreams docu. Love it :heart:
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