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  1. Call 08700100222 to speak to the BBC. They will be rude though... 2/2 rude rate so far for me :)
  2. I've phoned them twice now. Once to ask about the over-allocation, and once to ask if they'd be willing to transfer it to my mother, who shares the same surname as me obviously which is an unusual one. Both times there were extremely rude with me as if I had no right to be calling them, so I don't particularly want to do it again :( I was hoping someone who had been to one of these BBC shows before would know :P And yes it's margaret. She is my queeeeen :D
  3. How do they decide how to let you in. Is it simple check your ID against the name on the ticket, or do they have a guestlist and check your full name against your ID? I have a family memvr with the same surname and initials as me. Will he be able to get in?
  4. Already done that. They won't even let me transfer them to my mother. We have an unusual name so it's not like I could have sold it to someone :(
  5. I've reluctantly decided I'm not going to go :( I'm in spain on business so it's going to cost me almost 200 pounds to come back for 1 days to see this gig, that lasts only 45minutes. I know I'll regret it. But hey, if there happens to be someone with the name "D Clatworthy", then these tickets are yours for free. Otherwise, in the bin they go :( *cries*
  6. Urtrgghhh i've just read the smallprint on the ticket: So basically they're saying even though I won these fucking tickets, and am willing to fly all the way back from Spain to see it off of my holidays, that I might not get in. What the frick? :p
  7. Haha I'd like to see you try and down some A1 sauce. It's incredibly spicey :p
  8. Me too, I have a spare ticket if someone wants to come along. Ideally I could do with a lift to gatwick after the gig, but I don't mind if someone meets me somewhere first as I have no idea how to get to shepherds bush
  9. I got my tickets today, but I had no warning of confirmation email. I read somewhere that you need to print it off to get in. It definately hasn't got to my inbox, as i've checked my spam folder too. Any ideas, or thoughts, or takers on my free ticket ;)?
  10. Hi, I have a ticket available for someone who can drive me to and from gatwick: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=46862 Dean
  11. Hi guys, Sorry to crosspost but I need to sort this out as quickly as possible. See this post: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=46862 :) Sorry no longer available!
  12. Is there anyone that lives near Gatwick airport that'd be willing to pick me up from gatwick and then drop me back off after the concert via car?
  13. I've read the smallprint on the letter and the ticket, and there's nothing that says they are not transferrable other than the fact my name is on the ticket?
  14. I won 2 tickets to the BBC but im flying to spain for 3 weeks on sunday. Dilemna!!! The tickets aren't transferrable so it's not like I can even sell them :( See this post. I am willing to possibly give someone my spare ticket if they can pick me up from gatwick and drop me back off after the gig. Sorry no longer available!
  15. His use of soundclips was so ignorant. He was definitely trying to wind Chris up.
  16. I'm pretty pissed off. Considering I coded a script that filled in everything for me as soon as the page would load, I am surprised I wasn't in the first 250 :(
  17. Yeah, I saw the other thread last night. The rhythm changes slightly for the chorus but other than that it's fairly easy :) Thanks!
  18. Add me to the list. THe chords will do :)
  19. I'll try and update the first post again this week :)
  20. That's a sneaky marketing tactic. Get everyone around for a launch, then be late :(
  21. Whenever these things happen, they never happen on time :(
  22. It's 6pm and I see nothing new :(
  23. How many did you guys apply for? I decided to go for 2, knowing that I'm more likely to get a pair than 4 :)
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