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  1. Or if like me you feel the band don’t really need the money, just use this link here: **link removed by moderator**
  2. Very ungrateful take about the EP I for one really thought the EP was truly special. Human Heart sounds the best it’s ever been, and this is also the best version of POTP ever thanks to how crisp Jonny’s guitar sounds. Coloratura and Christmas Lights sounds great as well. Only problem I have is with HP, seems like the drums and bass are mixed poorly. Dolby Atmos never really did this song any favours unfortunately.
  3. Always in my Head vs Up in Flames
  4. Coloratura vs How you see the World
  5. 100% agree with this, although I would rate MOTS above X&Y for the very reasons stated here.
  6. That’s a bold claim when AHFOD is right there… If it’s lore you’re after, you’ll find that quite easily on Humankind, People of the Pride and Coloratura (the top 3 of the album IMO), possibly with Biutyful too but that’s still a mystery for me. These songs in particular seem to tell us about themselves in relation to their spheres. Of course we would all like a bit more of the story of the Spheres, but how about we wait for more music videos and material to be released before making judgement calls on that? Keep in mind too all of the songs are actually about us on earth and are simp
  7. Everyday Life vs Help is round the corner
  8. Everyday Life vs Things I Don’t Understand
  9. On the Alien Radio broadcast a couple weeks ago, Phil asked the listeners whether Humankind or People of the Pride should be a single (since many were asking about it). So I’d say one of the two will be a single at some point, with a music video at least
  10. I tried to post some information about it here which explains its background and evolution in the AHFOD recording sessions, but it seems like the moderators haven’t approved this since it’s based off leaked material 😕
  11. Arabesque vs People of the Pride
  12. Disagree with MOTS, idk how good your headphones are, but I can clearly hear Jonny on HP and MU. He is in the background more, but he’s still audible
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