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  1. Trouble in Town vs A Rush Of Blood to the Head
  2. Charlie Brown (Accordion Version) vs Legends
  3. Charlie Brown (accordion version) vs Spies
  4. Prediction: Late 2020: Single/EP Early- mid 2021: Second single followed by LP9 Late 2021: Tour kicks off in COVID-19 free places (eg NZ & Australia)
  5. Tro ubl e in t own (IG buffer Remix) vs Pour Me
  6. Magic vs Tro u ble in t o wn (IG Buffer Remix)
  7. I'm gonna buy this place and watch it fall
  8. All I’ll say @Gideon_Mx is that your main squeeze will love it if you don’t do that again! See you soon vs Old Friends
  9. Oops that’s what happens when you search google for the lyrics!
  10. So you don’t know where you’re going but you wanna talk vs come on, come on oh what a state I’m in
  11. Life in Technicolor ii vs Adventure of a Lifetime
  12. So you don’t know where you’re going but you wanna talk vs Wherever you are, I’ll find that treasure (So I race for it)
  13. And in all of time, and in all of space only you make my heart race Vs So we rode down to the river, where the toiling ghosts spring
  14. Adventure of a Lifetime vs Sunrise
  15. Princess of China vs Colour Spectrum
  16. Everyone sees the colours in each other’s eyes vs Cause I’m about to explode
  17. Cemeteries of London vs A Whisper
  18. Cemeteries of London vs Arabesque
  19. Speed of Sound vs Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
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