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  1. Paradise (Live for Global Goal) vs Speed of Sound (Live 2012)
  2. Lol just as we thought the moon phases meant nothing, Guy goes and posts THAT!
  3. You’re such a heavenly view vs i think I just died, and went to Heaven
  4. Also, a recent update to Music Of The Spheres Trademark:
  5. Apparently he posted something like this before Ghost Stories and nothing came of it. But ya know what, these synth sounds remind of the quiet intro to The Race, the version that was leaked
  6. Also the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Acts. Paul also wrote 2 Timothy, and in 6:12, he says: ”Fight the fine fight of the faith” So could FFTF = Fight for the Faith?
  7. Again, moon phases are insignificant. They don’t point to anything new coming soon. As nice as it would be to get new music soon, I’m placing my bets on November for a major release.
  8. STOP! vs Well I never meant to do you harm
  9. All of those songs are believable apart from Vacuum Fantasia. Like what the hell 😂
  10. Dudes and Dudesses, Max Martin produced Blinding Lights by The Weeknd, that was a MEGAHIT! He also helped with Orphans too. Ive actually got a good feeling about a Max Martin produced Coldplay song. Even if some don’t like his producing style, we don’t know for sure if it’s just for one song or all the album.
  11. From this post.... 1. Who has a forced field telescope they can set to f2.024 (surely this must be what FFTF2024 means!) 2. Music Of the Spheres is exactly 4 months away!
  12. Do we have any idea what World Without You sounds like?
  13. Yeah I was following just for something to giggle at, but now I’m really interested to see what this account is all about and what it’ll do on the 7th.
  14. It’s probably not my favourite snippet, of course my favourite is the AHFOD documentary one but that’s the newer version. If the full song gets leaked (which will be the ghost stories version), I think a lot of people will be disappointed with how it actually sounds because of what they’ve heard from the documentary. When the official version does get released, it will be absolute fire compared to what it used to be. Thats my take
  15. Part of me thinks that would be so funny if that was true. But I highly doubt it. This version we’re hearing was scrapped from Ghost Stories, they’ve definitely updated and reworked the song since then
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