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  1. Sappho also mentioned on discord that Phil said the Race is definitely going to be released someday they just don’t know how to finish the song. But Chris had a dream that night about how to finish it so…
  2. Neon Moon would be most likely. But who knows, could even be The Race. We also don’t know if MOTS is just limited to 12 songs. It’s the presumption at the moment but I feel like this whole thing is bigger and more ambitious than 12 songs so yeah who knows
  3. Hurts like Heaven vs A Sky Full of Stars
  4. See you Soon vs All your Friends
  5. Til Kingdom Come vs Now My Feet Won’t Touch the Ground
  6. When I’m broken (when I’m broken)
  7. Us Against the World vs When I Need a Friend
  8. Yeah when I saw this lyric I immediately thought of that symbol…this symbol is also one of the five that’s been advertised with alien radio and higher power…back to the five singles theory this could be the second one.
  9. Everything’s not Lost vs Amsterdam
  10. The Escapist vs Life is for Living
  11. Midnight vs Music of the Spheres
  12. Al I Can Think About is you vs Trouble in Town
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