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  1. The Race wasn’t ‘released’ it was leaked. And it was also the early Ghost Stories version of it, far different to what it could be now in 2021.
  2. Hi everyone, Me and Riki thought we would revive this and post our reviews of our mixtapes. Here is my review of the mixtape entitled ‘Different Places, Different Spaces’
  3. Happy Friday to you too!!! Me and @Koleybolen were discussing today about how one of the producers for Everyday Life posted a screenshot of him playing Violet Hill at exactly 1:36 earlier this week. Is this just a coincidence?
  4. I’m sure lyrics for The Race (Ghost Stories version) is on those rings too
  5. Idk it just fascinates me that Mylo is getting applied for trademark, Rescue St was discovered on an acoustic guitar last year, UATW will be getting its new version released, U F O was reregistered and hinted by Chris at “not being out yet”. Pair that information with this picture and some wild theories start to form:
  6. ^^ agree but also Car Kids does not equal Charlie Brown. I’m pretty certain it’s a completely different song that may see the light of day yet
  7. That would be so awesome if Dua Lipa made it on the album it would be fire 🔥
  8. Please also note this accepted trademark application does not mean they legally hold it yet. They will if there is no opposition to this trademark. Still, very exciting to see.
  9. UPDATE: Music of the Spheres has been accepted as a trademark in the UK https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmcase/page/Results/1/UK00003564257
  10. Spies (Live at Glastonbury 2002) vs Lost! (Live at Glastonbury 2011)
  11. Charlie Brown (Live in Buenos Aires) vs Spies (Live at Glastonbury 2002)
  12. Leftrightleftrightleft live album would be awesome to have on Spotify...
  13. Clocks vs Charlie Brown (Live in Buenos Aires)
  14. Talk vs Viva la Vida (Live in Buenos Aires)
  15. That’s a hard one.... Talk vs A Whisper
  16. A Message vs A Head Full of Dreams
  17. They already have done the iheart gig though. Which makes me think that the gig was going to be part of the MOTS promotion previously but the pandemic changed that. So it’s just the single and teasers were waiting on right now.
  18. Warning Sign vs Adventure of a Lifetime
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