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  1. Said I’m gonna buy a gun and start a war
  2. Why???? I broke the law 5 times in Florida 😂
  3. Am I the future OR the history?
  4. Me too, but if not a U reel than were the biggest clowns in human history
  5. Talk vs Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
  6. U is the letter of the next reel if not then we are a bunch of clowns
  7. Chinese Sleep Chant vs A Rush Of Blood To The Head
  8. Nope it’s been tried months ago with no success.
  9. My gut feeling is that they wouldn’t have bothered with the concert if they were just going to solely play the hits they’ve played to death before. When global citizen got cancelled it seems like the Coldplay team has rushed to book another gig for September. They MUST be trying to promote something!
  10. Well maybe Guy has finished his bass lines but the producers are working hard to mix the album?
  11. Chinese sleep chant vs Talk (Thin White Duke Mix)
  12. Everyone sees the colour in each other’s eyes [EL] vs Smoke is rising from the houses [Prospekts March]
  13. Paradise (Live for Global Goal) vs Speed of Sound (Live 2012)
  14. Lol just as we thought the moon phases meant nothing, Guy goes and posts THAT!
  15. You’re such a heavenly view vs i think I just died, and went to Heaven
  16. True Love vs How You See The World
  17. Also, a recent update to Music Of The Spheres Trademark:
  18. Apparently he posted something like this before Ghost Stories and nothing came of it. But ya know what, these synth sounds remind of the quiet intro to The Race, the version that was leaked
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