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  1. A Message (Live Toronto 2005) vs Church
  2. Yeah is it depicting apple trees on top of buildings? Seems like a nod towards environmentalism to me
  3. A Message vs Champion Of The World (Live at NPR Tiny Desk)
  4. Damn I should’ve gotten in before Amster-scam trumped arabesque (oh the insanity!) Up with the Birds vs A L I E N S (Markus Dravs Remix)
  5. He didn’t necessarily say ‘new’ but he said ‘and there’s another UFO we haven’t released as well’ *starts daydreaming* he also then mentioned a new song which he wasn’t allowed to talk about so that might be different to UFO
  6. Politik vs Death and All His Friends
  7. In other news, U F O is the latest registered song on ASCAP from Coldplay (Work ID 909...) COTW (Live at NPR Tiny Desk) has a registered work ID of 908.... MX songs usually sit around 883.....
  8. Nah the MYM video was done a while ago. This is something else for sure...
  9. @I ran away I’ll assume you’re behind and go with @Gsilva on this one. Cemeteries of London vs 1:36
  10. Hard 😬 Champion of the world vs Violet Hill
  11. Talk (Live) vs God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Live 2012)
  12. Talk (Live) vs Speed of Sound (Live)
  13. Legends (snippet) vs Hymn For The Weekend
  14. Trouble in Town vs A Rush Of Blood to the Head
  15. Trouble in Town vs A L I E N S
  16. Charlie Brown (Accordion Version) vs Legends
  17. Charlie Brown (accordion version) vs Spies
  18. Prediction: Late 2020: Single/EP Early- mid 2021: Second single followed by LP9 Late 2021: Tour kicks off in COVID-19 free places (eg NZ & Australia)
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