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  1. There is no grudge & I'm happy to drop the debate - I just wanted to lay down the facts: - There was no factual information shared on this topic from Atlas Project prior to the K-EP announcement. - There was factual information shared by Coldplaying's owner on this forum & Coldplay Brasil's twitter account prior to the K-EP announcement. What's right or wrong, what's needed 'due to traffic', what's assholey (whatever you want to call it) or not - is certainly of your own entitled opinion. But facts are facts - and I just wanted to clear up things from our side, which have see
  2. Except... You did post about it. On your own website. ~ 2 hours before Atlas posted a gif. ~ 2.5 hours before you publicly claimed how you hate people teasing, spoiling surprises / alluding to announcements. You was our source. Ouch.
  3. For those with Apple music, go to Zane Lowe's connect, go to the 18th Nov show, AOAL is the first song, at the end of it Zane says explicitly, CM interview + world premier of a new track. That's quite 'official'.
  4. I posted it because you all thought I was bullshitting and I couldn't stand the abuse from people off this forum much longer. In retrospect, it still was the right move. Be greatful I shared something and get over it.
  5. Wasn't a huge money maker? Maybe in relation to number of album sales, but even then, Ghost Stories was still the 4th best selling album of the year, worldwide, with other artists on the same label making up the other top spots. The industry has changed, revenue created through the streaming services shouldn't be underestimated. Magic & ASFOS are the only Coldplay tracks to reach 200M streams on Spotify, both tracks accumulated over 100M plays on YouTube & the value of ASFOS, used in the countless commercials across the world, would have been a nice bonus for the label in the past 1
  6. I think you'll find Coldplay Corner were the ones who met the band last week, and the ones who provided everyone with this information. Atlas Project are simply just re-sharing that information, so don't hold them responsible, or get mad at them, for re-sharing this info.
  7. I know that's what you (and many) hope, but he's the one who heard the song in full. Not us (yet :P)
  8. I'm quietly confident the title is Amazing Day, my source (who sent the video) said it 'definitely is' and he'd be very surprised if it wasnt titled that. But, I think, Ink? Oceans? and O to name a just a few tracks off the last album that don't mention the title in their lyrics... All in all, it doesn't really matter until it's confirmed. From what I learnt following the Avicii news and how the EDM world calls new tracks, if they don't know the title they'd call it, in this situation: "Amazing Day [iD]" - Trying to explain that to coldplayers would have been extra dificult, so i didn't bot
  9. No problem, just thought I'd clarify :) We're prepping the Android app for beta soon too, still on internal testing for the moment.
  10. The interview is quite long actually, we talked about the pitch process, the collaboration, band member interferences, integration of certain features as well as finding out some of their favourite posts on timeline and Coldplay songs. The screenshot posted is just in reference to the teasing of the new site :)
  11. RE: 'ColdplayAtlas' - Atlas Project* :) RE: 'Apparently' - it happened back in June. RE: 'His app' - it's been a great team effort to get it to this point. Sign up & download the Beta if you have an iOS device. The build is not 100% final, but well worth checking out :)
  12. I wish they were 'quick and simple' to make, haha. I spent hours on those things! Good reccomendation on Viva, with some good editing, I can imagine it looking great with the "owahoh's" towards the end. I think that track/video would go down quite well.
  13. Great idea! I'd say don't hold back, go for a classic hit/single like Yellow or The Scientist, a track that most people are familiar with :)
  14. Sorry if that came across a little stubborn, I didn't mean to be. I just meant; you might get there & there's nothing to show for it. Although I love your communal enthusiam, don't get your hopes up too much ;)
  15. And what if you get there & realise there's nothing new registered yet? That's $50 down the drain. Just wait. We're not far off, lol.
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