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  1. I had to read this like 3 times :P :lol:
  2. Also, be aware that a lot of things that Norton or other programs pick up as viruses really aren't. Most of the time they're spyware or adware. I'm pretty confident that this thing won't screw up your system. Oh and also, BE WARNED about regedit lol
  3. Explain what links you're clicking and maybe we could help you. Simply saying it doesn't work doesn't really help us help you. What file? Are you behind a router? Link please? :P
  4. I thought about a different moaning...haha :blush: :P :wink3:
  5. How the hell do you do all these funky tunings? My tuner only has EADGBe. I'm new to geetawr.
  6. haha i'm just kidding. i'm the same way
  7. How about God Put a Smile Upon Your Face? Oh, and how about the album version of A Message :)
  8. More talent ^^ :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Nah, I think people would think that I was copying Chris.
  10. Whoa that sounds really good too :)
  11. sweet thanks for making a new thread :)
  12. :o Thanks for all the CORRECT tabs! :D :D :D especially green eyes!
  13. Yes, acoustic please. Thanks Kapone! :D
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