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  1. I haven't been here in a long, long time. But I had to come back to add my name to the list of condolences for Nettie / Jen. She truly was the greatest fan a band could ever ask for, gave her heart to everything she was passionate about. It's more than many people can say, sadly, and it's truly tragic that we've lost someone who was so positive and excited about so many things. We need more people like that in the world, and it pains me to know we've lost someone like her. May she rest in peace, and may her family find solace in knowing she touched upon so many lives :)
  2. Am I really that worked up??? Oh wow! I'm actually quite happy without having a bunch of cunts breathing their foul air down my neck, away from here. I left because I made friends and I was tired of seeing my FRIENDS get bashed (as well as myself). Not Peter. I just thought I would clear that up. This is the last time I'll ever speak on the matter. You're such a sad little man, really. Thinking that I left because I didn't like what you had to say. Believe me, I've had multiple arguments with people on here when they say things that are against my moral compass on here. If I were going to leave I would have left when someone basically insinuated that I was a terrorist, or a "bitch" when I stated that I am against nuclear power. I should have left then. But I'm not the type who backs down to an idiot who has an alternate point of view. I back down when I realize the person with the other opinion is quite cruel hearted and makes it personal. That's when I leave. Because I don't need shit like this in my life. I don't need to frequent a forum where people are going to be laughing at me "behind my back" or snickering at what I have to say. I get that enough in my fucking life. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, and go back to jerking off over your own self-obsession. Because really man, everyone's laughing on my side of the camp. No one's crying over your "alternate opinions". This is the last time you will EVER hear from me. I hope I get banned on here so I don't have ANY excuse to come back. Oh that's right, you were a mod for like 2 hours so you can't do that anymore for me. Damn. I'm not saying this to justify myself to you, I'm saying this to justify myself to people who blindly listen to what you have to say and think that you're speakin the truth when you say you drove people out because we're too "pussy" to accept other viewpoints. So have a nice fucking life.
  3. This is my last post for awhile. Or 'til whenever (never?). And sadly I think a lot of people think they forced us out, might be a bit smug about that, but really, it was my time. Fuckin' inevitable and all that. I just want to have somewhere on the internet that's chic and sleek and cool and awesome and NICE, without any rubbish elitism or strange stalkers or hypocritical hogwash. Luckily, we've got that. So if you come upon this thread, and you want it too.... PM me. And if you think you're going to find it, and be able to join, and try and make it your own warped little reality.... got another thing comin'. Queen Forum Bitch talking here, and no one is joining without me making sure you have respect. Respect, something that (in my opinion) has been sorely lacking here. Just because we're behind glossy computer screens, oceans apart, doesn't give you the opportunity to be rude or treat people like nothing. We're all something and we all deserve to be treated like that. But I'm off topic. So PM me, email me, MSN me, I don't really care. Nice place, and not just saying that! No huge regulations or any of that, even if you just "like" the bands, feel free to come and just chat! You don't have to post an insane amount or know every last bside and single from all the bands, and you don't have to be able to spell the band members names backwards! All you have to do is say "Hey, Danielle, I used to like reading the Libs thread even if I didn't post that much, think I could join?" and I'll say of course. :) Good times, good times. Better ones to come, and already have. So. That's it.
  4. Holy crap, really?? I really DON'T believe that (well, I do... but yeah) Amazing what they can take nowadays.... wow.
  5. That is an absolutely AMAZING picture!!! Whoa!!! It almost makes me dizzy (but that's a good thing) wow.
  6. Alright Tea, let's go get married somewhere really more awesome than here. LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO. ;) hahaha.
  7. This is the post that could have changed the world. Still might.
  8. Glad ya joined, Lore, hope that changes on there! :D anyone else who comes across this and wants to, PM me. I'll approve you. I'm fiercly protective of this, so don't think you're gonna join without me knowing you or knowing that you ACTUALLY care ;)
  9. omg. :bigcry: I don't know, I think I do remember reading that somwhere but omg :nice: :nice: :nice: etc etc until infinity.
  10. You're welcome, glad it's working :) You have any other problems just ask ;) Can't wait for more girls to come on and register!! :dance: I'll be on MSN all day (I'm not in school today haha) so.... just reach me there anytime
  11. To do that you actually put <*center> SIGNATURE</*center> :) For some reason you can use a straight up html <> for that instead of the [] forum ones, I tried the []'s last night and they didn't work... weird. Again, just remove the *'s ;)
  12. Tea, can you log in now? Ok Rachel now take that link and put it in the signature box whereever you want it, then put around it and it should show up so it'll be ok... Signature: then there'll be the box and you can do WRITING WRITING WRITING WRITING WRITING WRITING [*IMG]http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u225/shambles16/normal_likelylads-simpler1.jpg[/*IMG] WRITING WRITING WRITING Just take out the asterics *'s before the IMG's ;) Save it and you're done. Hope that made some sense....
  13. ummmmm I'll change it.... lmfao let me see hang on, I'll put in the password you just sent to me ;)
  14. Ok I think that I just activated you.... don't send me the password... just try logging out and logging in.... Then tell me if that works... if not I think I accidently just changed your password to my own lmfao sooo
  15. Tea, I need your password if that's alright... Just PM it to me. You can change it after, but... I promise I won't go on and steal your stuff! haha
  16. ooook yeah that's not working. Let me see if I can change it to admin verified membership...
  17. ehm it's acting really weird.... I think that I can activate you but it's asking for passwords and it's putting my username where it should be yours. I'm gonna see if I put in my password and leave that and just put "user is active - YES" what that does. Then I'll post here after that... hang on...
  18. Yeah the forum style we're using on the new one is quite different from here. You'll have to upload the picture to a site such as photobucket.com or imageshack.us and take the forum code (which is ) and then put it in your sig :) If you need help I can host it for you and link it here, then you can put that in between the img codes ;)
  19. Check your bulk email (your junk maybe is what it's called for you) just incase ;) What do you mean Rachel?
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