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  1. Lovely Femi was out of tune quite often. Or the band just too fast :grinning:
  2. This and Arabesque are the most unique songs on the record. I really love Cry Cry Cry.
  3. Those intimate concerts are sublime. Saw Liam last year at his Union Chapel gig. Awesome, incredible feeling of being connected to all people.
  4. Well, who knows. Maybe it was just coincidence... But somehow i doubt it.
  5. Thanks! Left Heathrow earlier this morning seeing about 20 chinese people, dressed with Coldplay shirts, just arriving at the airport. Wondering if they got tickets for today...
  6. Is Trouble in Town comparable to something they have done before?
  7. What about the production? Since AHFOD was way too polished im really curious for EL
  8. No matter how their setlist will look like, Violet Hill definitely MUST return. Its just so perfect fitting for this era.
  9. True. He has nailed it with Why Me?Why Not. Liam often said that he loves Jonnys guitar work. Thats really matching.
  10. Just an idea, Anyone else thinks that the little rant on Liam during their "press conference" in fact has something to do with him on the record ? Im not talking about vocals or sth like that. If someone here knows his recent record there is a song called "Halo" - a nice little groovy and progressive bastard :D and somewhat chaotic. Its just me but immediately as i saw the tracklist for Everyday Life, Trouble in Town was the song i thought it could be something really similar. And since they obviously teased Cry Cry Cry and BrokEn as well, why not Trouble in Town with this funny hommage t
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