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  1. dang thats hard! idk yet, definitely higher then ahfod but other than that im not sure. i really like both of coldplay’s poppier albums so idk how it’ll rank in comparison to those. not hitting older viva or robtth or parachutes era stuff but we’ll see. heres sorta what it looks like now 1. parachutes 2. viva 3. robtth 4. mylo 5. ghost stories 6. everyday life 7. x and y 8. ahfod
  2. i agree!! i was telling my sister who was (disgrutlingly :joy:) watching with me that both performances seemed to tap back into some of their older styles, especially everyday life. glad to see others agree! still havent listened to the studio version yet but very excited too, the snl performances set my expectations high.
  3. yeah i was very much expecting that to be longer but i also havent listened to the studio version yet so maybe it was shortened for time or something? still a lovely track though
  4. oh yeah that makes sense! didnt see that til i read up in the thread, cant wait to hear it, i havent listened to it yet
  5. Oh yeah, all of the live versions of Fix You are phenomenal. The studio version is great, but the live ones carry a lot of emotion. So jealous you got to see it live!
  6. The Scientist is probably my favorite Coldplay live song, from the recent live album in Buenos Aires. I really like how you can hear the crowd singing along. Fix you and Yellow from the same tour are also contenders, I just really like how they left the sounds of the crowd in so you feel like you're there and in the moment. As was mentioned above Viva la Vida live in 2011 is also fantastic.
  7. oliviyya


    Hi! I’m new as well, and Parachutes is also my favorite album :)
  8. I suppose the status update thing will be used for my random musings? Very excited to talk Coldplay with people now that I finally made an account.

  9. There's a cold war coming, on the radio I heard.
  10. I'd like to see what they do in a shorter format I guess?? My only critique with some of Coldplay's discography is that the songs have a tendency to run long at times, it works a lot but gets tedious after a while (I second that statement about AOAL). Still, 53 minutes is quite a small window for 16 tracks, esp for Coldplay's standards.
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