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  1. Sounds lovely!! You should try an isolate the strings from everyday life!
  2. Okay they’re definitely teasing music of the spheres for sure. There’s no way their not aware of what they’re doing and that this is all coincidental
  3. Hello everyone, I’m trying to play the guitar melody that Chris plays throughout the song but I must say I’m having trouble trying to get it down right. Here’s what I have so far! What are your guys opinions??! IMG_0962.MOV
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_8Oh3rnSVLADbUW56zhr7K0wz1aObkUkffLbw0/?igshid=1qj7lsjvuxl1h I did a short cover of this song!
  5. Anyone still wondering why Coldplay chose the videos they did on YouTube to replace with the black and white thumbnail filter?? They don’t seem to have any known pattern. If it was simply just to promote/tease Everyday Life wouldn’t it make sense to to do that to Coldplay’s most popular/classic songs like fix you, clocks, yellow, etc. instead it’s sorta odd ball songs like the hardest part, life in technicolor ii, A L I E N S which I always thought was peculiar. Part of me thinks there may be a connection to these songs and LP9 somehow just dunno what yet...
  6. Guys! Check out my piano cover of the race!
  7. Hey all you people! I did a cover or Everyday life a while back that I think you'll all enjoy. At the risk of sounding cocky, I think it sounds pretty good haha I tried to play it so that it sounds like Chris's chords in the studio version and the live version and I even incorporated guys baseline at the end of the song! in any case, here's the link! give it a listen if you want! or don't lol whatever you wanna do. https://youtu.be/X-We56fjaCs
  8. Side note: anyone here actually watch always sunny in philly? Show is hilarious😂
  9. It may simply be nothing. But that still doesn’t explain why they would put the moon phase on their cover photo/twitter handle off to the side if they weren’t trying to tease or hint at something coming soon. Also I don’t recall it being there before ahfod but I could be wrong about that.
  10. Weren’t they always in that position? Or were they in the bottom right before?
  11. I dunno! They’ve done cryptic stuff like this in the pass. Also, who wears a shirt with just the number 24 on it unless it’s a jersey? Lol
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