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  1. Heh thanx, I did it just for fun and out of curiosity.
  2. I think people are over-reacting for no reason. If we speak with facts and the fact is that Coldplay is THAT BAND (if you know what I mean with my punctuation). They have raised sooo high the bar year after year that when they don't perform at 200% people critisize them. I think people hating the album is a very strong opinion since the content is not hate-worthy. Also people need to consider than maybe the reason that Coldplay is not performing the way they want in charts etc, maybe just maybe, they are to blame, not Coldplay. I can't tell the future but I know that listening to the album and
  3. I don't have th retail disc yet, but it might be a pre-emphasis track before or after the end of the album or even a track hidden in the data partition of the disc.
  4. Should we start posting the official instrumentals of the Album? I'm trying to fill the ones missing for the moment.
  5. For those wanting a BTS-less version of the track, after alot of work since the track needed alot of structural rework, this is what I came up with: Coldplay - My Universe (No BTS) https://mega.nz/file/sXAGmLpK#SDu1PDUs_mIh49o9EUmggpp2yxO_QrkHqboKeHop4h8
  6. Also, AFAIK, not even one of the supposed 24bit Coldplay releases is real. Also if memory serves right anything above 44KHz is fake too.
  7. That also consider that on alot of venues believe it or not, people are not allowed to actually sing unmasked on a microphone.
  8. Just a quick note. Universal did it again and the actual track you are listening on the streaming services (possibly on the album disc too) is a poor quality 128kbps mp3 file re-encoded to wav. This is garbage, Universal needs to pull their **** together, this watermarking and passing track masters of multiple lossy format encodes has gotten old.
  9. Legends. I wish the Instrumental would leak.
  10. That meant them being featured in-person in ads, not their songs. I can name atleast 8 ads at the top of my head here using their songs. As I said, if let's say me, a telecommunications company, want to use "X" track of a Top40 artist, I just go to their music licence publishing website, find the track I want, select from a certain type of criteria that I want to use, pay for it and done. It's a little bit oversimplified but at no time it ever requires anyone from the original artists agreeing in any way their song being used in my company's ad, the artists do not hold any kind of publishing r
  11. What? Are you serious? Our commercials are filled with their tracks. Yellow, Clocks, Viva La Vida, Sky Full Of Stars, Adventure Of A Lifetime are tracks that are literaly abused by ads here. Cellular companies, car ads, sports equipment shops, gym chains and the list goes on. If you ask people if they know Coldplay and they say they don't, if you play them these tracks they will go like "OH! The track from that ad...". I also clearly remember Vodafone using the Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke mix of "Talk" back when I was in highschool, everybody seemed to mumble the tune from that remix.
  12. I know that it might be a coincidence but all 4 songs (Always in my Head, O, Music Of The Spheres, Higher Power) are in G Minor and the female choir of Always In My Head/O is synchronized perfectly if you layer it over Music Of The Spheres. It works even better if you paste the "OoOoOh don't ever let go". Dunno, Music Of The Spheres might be actually an evolution of Always In My Head, kinda like how Bani Adam was an evolution of Kaleidoscope.
  13. I noticed that the Music Of The Spheres intro from the Higher Power video is on exactly the same key as Always in My Head and O, you can literally paste the one over the other and they match. I pasted the "Ooooh don't ever let go" vocal from O and I can also hear some elements matching in timing on where they should be from the O Instrumental to the Music Of The Spheres intro. I don't know if that says anything, but atleast my guess is that it's the opening interlude from the album, like Mylo Xyloto was on MX, and how O was incorporated to Always in my Head and vice versa (O is essentially a s
  14. For the record, Higher Power (Instrumental) seems to be promoted in lossless form but I haven't been able to spot a promo link. Anybody able to beat me to it?
  15. That thing has a transmission in Greek too! Anyway here are some things I was able to get from that site: https://www.alienradio.fm/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/ARFM-6gw2.mp3 https://www.alienradio.fm/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Kaotican.mp4
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