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  1. I meant not just for streaming, especially in lossless form! XD
  2. Well I guess the track is in demand, and since it's not available in this form commercially, I doubt we are breaking any rules here so here is a link to the track. Also, I bet there's more tracks that are not available in digital lossless that I may have, anybody care to list some? I think Moving To Mars was never released outside iTunes(?), I have that somewhere... The Goldrush https://mega.nz/file/kfQDRYSQ#GOUnRH48RJ4jKze-nicolJwYauiKPuIRbj_sEsRBW6w
  3. I have that in digital-source lossless in case anyone is interested. Physically, this was only released in vinyl.
  4. So I was messing around with some stuff and since the original instrumental is literaly, well, just that!, I readded the choir layer without Chris'es vocal take. I have his voice isolated too and it's sooo sooo sweet! I'll share everything I got once I get my new computer, but get ready to be excited! I'm posting this here for the moment just for fun! https://mega.nz/file/FCRBAADQ#rYo-lYE2J-Axsq79U4ohhYpWXtngxD4hRIsKmMbcZP4
  5. Man clean edits can be stupid. What I mean is I hate when you do clean edits you put no effort into them. Atleast make them sound proper, like they were intended to sound that way, not a hodgepodge cut-copy-paste job that everybody is going to notice that something's wrong. What is that "SAME [akward gap] BLOOD!" supposed to mean? Chris sings every word on-the-beat on that part. It sounds weird when it skips one when your brain is trained to expect it. Find the tempo of the song and make it sound properly like there's nothing edited out you supposed professional sound engineer that gets paid s
  6. It was physical, it got really bad the last year to the point we had to rush her to the ER and the doctors essentialy told me that she's dieing and I must be prepared but my brain rejected the thought. I'm so mad at myself right now. I have guilt.
  7. So I'm gonna post this here for everyone without saying anything, but promise me that you won't skip anything on your first listen and you'll close your eyes and listen from the beginning the whole thing! So... https://mega.nz/#!laoGDIqI!XkoxStmA63gxFtMgybG0Ia4bZPt0AbV6d2ijfnFTF_4
  8. I have the soundboard recording and it really doesn't sound any different, that's what I'm trying to say. My only issue is that the studio version of Color Spectrum is mono.
  9. I kind of already did that here: https://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/a-head-full-of-dreams-ahfodt-studio-version.110706/ I doubt with what we have as raw material you can get any closer.
  10. Cuts out the sound effect intro and the bridge is shortened to just 4 bars ("Music is the weapon, music is the weapon of the future" is just said once). Not bad. Also, it's clean.
  11. They just released two radio promos for the track. EU: 1. Arabesque (Explicit) (5:40) 2. Arabesque (Clean) (5:40) 2. Arabesque (Instrumental) (5:40) US: 1. Arabesque (Radio Edit) (4:56) 2. Arabesque (Radio Instrumental) (4:56) Got the EU one but now I'm trying to get the US one since it says that the content is not available in my region.
  12. I saw your post a week ago but I was hesitating on posting a reply because I wanted to be as honest and as intimate as possible. Now that I have some spare time and I can sit behind the keyboard relaxed, I can share my story with you, infact, all of you. I'll try to be as short as possible so I won't make anyone of you tired but without skipping any key aspects. So I've been battling with depression for over a decade now. In 2017 it got so bad that I attempted to take my life in a public space and people jumped on, stopped me, the authorities got involved etc. One of my best friends, a ye
  13. OK I don't know if it has already been mentioned but now I know why the interlude is cut into pieces. Propably they bet that people would play it while driving on a car and most cars display CD-Text data and if you play it back track by track the screen will flash one by one letter the phrase G O D = L O V E kinda simulating a projection or a video effect. YOU, yeah you, the person that mastered that disc, you are a f*cking genious, you really outsmarted me! Except the fact that as I said you abused the redbook audio standard, ONCE AGAIN!
  14. The piano in the beginning of Kaleidoscope sounds way too close to Bani Adam.
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