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  1. Have followed this forum for years, but am just creating a profile today. Wanted to get in on the EL talk. I've listened to it countless times already that it's probably unhealthy. Oh well..... I think the album is fantastic but almost it's own type of beast as opposed to previous releases. Favorites are Church, Trouble in Town, Daddy, Guns and Champion of the World. I already know that I like this more than the three albums I have listed below it. It's too early to see where it lands long-term after the dust settles. Going into this album (and I hated AHFOD, sans Birds), I said I wanted this to be in the top 4 of their releases. I think this will surpass Parachutes for me, thus cracking that barrier. Also, I know AROBTTH is better than MX objectively. MX holds a special place in my heart. 1. Viva 2. MX (got me through tough times) 3. AROBTTH 4. Parachutes 5. EL 6. X&Y 7. GS 8. AHFOD Overall I couldn't be much more satisfied. I'm not crazy about BrokEn or Cry,Cry,Cry but they objectively aren't even bad.
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