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  1. I think the Race is definitely getting released soon. The leak is getting aggressively taken down everywhere, from Youtube to Twitter. Other Coldplay demos or leaks (i.e.: Vitamins etc.) aren't getting taken down like this. To put this into perspective, during the buildup to Avicii's posthumous album, a version of Heaven (featuring Chris!) got leaked. This version was different than the one that ended up being released on the final album, but nevertheless, it got taken down pretty aggressively all over the internet. Before this leak, another version of Heaven was circling around the internet, featuring Simon Aldred instead of Chris, but this was not taken down at that time. So, I think this is a sign of a release coming soon!
  2. I'm not sure if you guys have been following, but some random Twitter account (@9erehps) has been tweeting about Music of the Spheres since December 2019. The account tweets in some very cryptic language too. There is a very high chance this is also fake, but the account has recently been tweeting about July 7th being an announcement date. Today, it posted a link to this video:
  3. https://www.lyrics.com/sublyric/79761/Coldplay/The+Race Apparently The Race's lyrics have been posted on this website. I have no idea how legitimate this is (it may be completely fake) but things seem to be picking up!!
  4. Something else I've noticed... When you go to any website, on Chrome, there is usually an icon next to the tab it corresponds to. For example, if you go to Gmail, the tab looks like the following (with the Gmail logo): When you go to Coldplay's website, it now has a new logo of a moon, as shown below. During the EL era, there was a logo of a golden sun from the album cover.
  5. If the theories are right, something might be happening tomorrow! FFTF2024 = 2020, 2nd of April?
  6. Chris also said "We have a new song... That I'm not supposed to talk about... So I wont." And then laughed it off when he realized he wasn't supposed to bring it up. I'm not sure if this is anything, but when Chris was taking requests, Guy commented "Macadamu." Could this be a new song? Or Guy just mashing his keyboard :joy::joy:
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