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  1. Yeah they won’t tour til COVID it’s controlled in most of the countries. And I don think they will sync with nasa launches. I my opinion a teaser or a single it’s coming very soon and by very soon I mean the next 2/3 months. Also don’t forget the 5/11/2020 thing from TIT music video
  2. I’m sure they’ll drop about 2 singles more or less before the end of this year
  3. Don’t think so. I think that lp 9 will be a new album and they are going to tour it as soon as the can ( due to COVID thing ) but the theory about los unidades it’s a completely other thing
  4. in the livestream it gave me a feeling that Chris wanted so badly to tell us what they were up to
  5. I keep getting emails like if I purchased something on Coldplay store ( but Coldplay store is closed and I haven’t)
  6. I heard that Coldplay typographic changed a bit, is that true?
  7. Remember that Australian interview that in Q4 there were gonna be realises (Warner brand), and that Q4 has already started. So it wouldn’t be strange if we get something new
  8. So I saw this theory about lp9. What you guys think ?
  9. Yeah but a better version of X&Y doesn’t mean a rework version or same stylistic era
  10. Absolutely not happening. they said they don’t like going back to other eras or lps
  11. We still have a couple of days till the iheart performance so.... maybe.... there'll be news
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