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  1. If I’m thinking of the same one it’s the sun
  2. And for the colabs discussion. I think that no matters who’s gonna be collaborating or not as long as the music is good.
  3. I think Jacob collier it’s gonna help out with the space thing ( remember that moon he did, sounded very much like a space sound )
  4. Hey guys there is a thing in astronomy called great circle - celestial sphere and I think it has a relation with “music of the spheres “ googled it and appears the símbolo from the EL booklet
  5. Phill said for mistake on Twitter that the boys are going to be playing new stuff
  6. Don’t forget that he played it on the piano because it was the fastest way but the final version May not have piano or could be played on guitar or just big synths. (My guess)
  7. It would make sense if he plays EL since it’s nominated for album of the year. I won’t expect more than 3 song. What could be possible it’s new costume but who knows they always surprises us
  8. Yeah but sure before that they’ll drop some singles
  9. I’m sure they’ll be dropping one or more singles in the following months
  10. Between January and February we’ll have something
  11. I don’t think quite like that. Maybe they realise an lp with work cut off from all past eras. But whether it’s that or a new era with big mainstream lp I don’t think they’ll realise something that they have already done.
  12. Yeaaa 🤡 it’s the guitar Jonny used on the last Instagram live they’ve done
  13. I hope we get a Christmas performance . that would be awesome 🤩
  14. Yeah I’d love to see that promotion and I don’t think that Chris Martin’s being in Malibu affects their album because I think that this thing that is coming out next it’s already done and recorded perhaps in postproduction or something like that but yeah that’s what I think and I also strongly believe that it would be a dropped out of the blue like it happened with every day life but with bigger promotion
  15. I’m sure we’re going to discover this mystery SOON
  16. It could actually make sense since there is another son called ufo
  17. have you all seen the back graffiti in the livestream every vote counts? It’s very interesting 🤔
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